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Top 10 of the Funniest Meadow Jokes and Puns

A biologist, a logician, and a philosopher are driving down the road in County Clare...

They see the profile of a brown cow grazing in an adjacent meadow. The biologist says, "Look, Ireland has brown cows!" The logician says, "No, sir, all we can say for certain is that Ireland has at least one brown cow." The philosopher retorts, "Alas, my fair companions, all we can know for certain is that Ireland has at least one half of one brown cow."

Did you hear about the cow tipper that got attacked by a bull?

He got a taste of his own meadow sin.

Mad Cows

Their are two cows grazing in a meadow. One turns to the other and says "Aren't you worried about mad cow disease?". The other thinks very carefully for a few minutes and says "Of course not I'm a duck!"

Meadow joke, Mad Cows

My grandpa always told me this joke, hope you like it.

A frog in trousers hopped across a meadow.

Upon meeting a rabbit, the frog said:

"I am a cow, I am a cow!".

The rabbit looked angry and said,

"You are not a cow, you're a frog!".

So the frog pulled down his trousers and the rabbit stuttered in disbelief: "Holy cow!"

A young and old bull are both walking until they come upon a hill....

When they walk to the top of the hill they see a whole group of cows grazing in the meadow. The young bull being eager and excited say to the old bull "Hey let's run down there and screw one of them cows".

The old bull then turns to the young bull slowly and says "or we can walk down there and screw them all".

A little boy and his grandfather...

...were walking through a meadow on a beautiful summer day.

"Grandpa," said the boy, "why is the grass green?"

The old man shrugged. "No idea," he grunted.

Then the boy asked, "Grandpa, why do the flowers smell so nice?"

"Beats me," said the old man.

"Grandpa, what makes the wind blow?"

"No clue."

"Grandpa," said the boy, "do you mind me asking you all these questions?"

"Of course not," said the old man. "How else will you learn anything?"

An esteemed botanist working at a museum was out in his grass meadow one day, observing all of the fauna when...

His assistant, working at the front desk of the museum was approached by an older lady. She asked Truly, how good is this botanist anyways? And where is he, I haven't seen him anywhere! To which the assistant replied Oh, he's out standing in his field!

Meadow joke, An esteemed botanist working at a museum was out in his grass meadow one day, observing all of the f

Why wasn't the little lamb allowed to frolic in the meadow with the other little lambs?

Because he had a serious gambolling problem.

What do you call a fake field that sings alone?

False meadow.

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