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  1. TIL that Sir Paul McCartney once turned down nearly $64 million to appear on an American talk show because he wanted to stay home and watch his favorite sport on TV. It was *Ellen* or rugby.
  2. What would Sir Paul McCartney sing to an octopus? I wanna hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand.
  3. I'd like to take a moment to remember Paul McCartney (1942-2020). He's still alive, that's just how long he's lived so far.
  4. You have to read this in Paul McCartney's voice When I find my tweets are causing trouble
    Mother Russia comforts me
    Tweeting words of wisdom
  5. Why won't hipsters listen to the Beatles until Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney die? Because they only want to listen to the Beatles when they're underground.
  6. A South African miner loses a leg in an accident. He cries 'Oh no! Who's going to want a one legged gold digger now?'
    To which Paul McCartney shouts 'Me!!!!'
  7. What was Paul McCartney's response to people asking why his music is so corny? "Maybe I'm a maize"
  8. In a recent interview, Heather Mills was asked why she thought Paul McCartney was still famous. She said she was stumped.
  9. Why weren't Paul McCartney and Wings allowed to ski down a certain mountain? They were banned on the run
  10. What would Paul McCartney say after losing both his legs? "Suddenly....I'm not half the man I used to be....."
Mccartney joke, What would Paul McCartney say after losing both his legs?

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  1. What is one of the longest living species of beetle? Paul McCartney
  2. BREAKING - Paul McCartney disqualified from London Marathon He was banned on the run.
  3. What do vegetarian maggots eat? Linda Mccartney...
  4. What's got 3 legs and lived on a farm? The McCartneys.
  5. My shirt is 40% linen... I guess the other 60% is McCartney, Harrison and Starr.
  6. What do you call a pig with wings? Linda McCartney. (Yes, I know she's dead)
  7. Paul McCartney wasn't in Bread But some of his kids look like they were 
  8. My friend got a Volkswagen Beetle... He calls it McCartney.
  9. What's Paul McCartney's favourite food? Maccaroni
  10. What do you call a cow with wings? Linda McCartney.
  11. If Paul McCartney was a fruit... Would he be Paul MeGranate?
  12. How did Paul McCartney get Linda pregnant? C Moon
  13. How does Paul McCartney open a concert in Israel? "Hey Jews!"
  14. What did Stella McCartney say during a t**...? Come together
    Right now
    Over me

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  • AMA request: Paul McCartney How big of an impact has Kanye been to your music career blowing up?
  • What's the difference between a 44-year-old song and a goat? Paul McCartney can't milk a goat.
  • What do Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas" and your Mom have in common? Both s**... and have a lot of ding-d**... in them.
Mccartney joke, What do Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas" and your Mom have in common?

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Paul McCartney will take part in this first live online chat May 17, and a record 2½ million calls have already come in for people hoping to have an actual moment of contact with the former Beatle. Although it should be noted that 2 million of those calls came from Ringo Starr.

Mccartney joke, What's got 3 legs and lived on a farm?

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