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So they made a documentary on Netflix about Madeline McCann....

8 episodes, roughly 8 hours, and if you watched it you watched her more than her parents did.

What's the difference between Maddie McCann and the England football team

Only one of them is coming home

They say you can't get away with murder

I know two people that McCann.

Mccann joke, They say you can't get away with murder

I saw the new Madeline McCann documentary last night, don't want to spoil the ending but...

They got away with it.

A brand new car is being launched in Portugal, which includes space in the boot for a child.

It's called the Renault McCann

That new Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix was great and all...

It just felt like there was something still missing...

Not everyone can get away with murder

But I know of a couple who McCann

Mccann joke, Not everyone can get away with murder

What's the difference between Madeleine Mccann and a submarine?

Nothing, now. They're both at the bottom of the ocean, full of seamen.

Netflix: Are you still watching Madeleine McCann?

Kate and Gerry: No we are out for dinner

Everyone is going on about how well Kylie Jenner did to hide her child for that long

I think Gerry and Kate McCann won that one

What's the difference between Madeline McCann and a Ferrari?

I don't have a Ferrari in my garage.

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Madeleine McCann

Can these Madeline McCann jokes on here please stop? They're offensive and getting pretty old.

Unlike Madeline McCann.

Everyones talking about how well Kylie Jenner did to hide her baby for so long.

I personally think Gerry and Kate mcCann are winning that one.

What's the difference between news of the US elections and Madeleine McCann?

News of the elections is getting old.

In a very strange and karmic turn of events...

Madeleine McCann IS coming home and is on a boat as we speak!

Mccann joke, In a very strange and karmic turn of events...

Whats the difference between football and madeliene mccann?


I didn't know it was legal to get away with murder.

But I know a family that McCann..

What's the difference between Sheldon Cooper and Madeline McCann?

They both have different viewpoints on black holes

What is the similarity between Madeleine McCann and a submarine?

Both are at the bottom of the ocean and full of sea-men

What's the difference between pirate treasure and Madeline McCann?

There's a map showing where the treasure was buried.

Madeline McCann and Harambe have a lot in common..

They're both dead and everybody blames the parents.

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