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McAfee not dead actually..

He is still running in the background.

Apple, the FBI, and John McAfee are sitting in an office...

Only two were invited, but the third one got in through the backdoor.

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee is wanted by the Police for murder charges.

If they catch him, they estimate the trial could last 30 days.

I like my women how I like McAfee antivirus


Great news that anti-virus mogul turned fugitive John McAfee has finally been captured.

They estimate the trial could last 30 days.

The man who devised it does not want it. The man who bought it does not use it. The man who uses it does not realize it. What is it?

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee isn't dead...

He's still running in the background.

Did you hear about John McAfee?

I guess the old saying is true.

Nobody expects the Spanish Extradition.

How do McDonald's employees protect their laptops?

They use McAfee

Crikey, more sad news from the world of technology: Anti-virus developer John McAfee is appearing in court for manslaughter...

They estimate the trial could last for 30 days.

How did they get John McAfee out of Guatemala?

McAfee Removal Tool

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What do you call it when you spill your morning drive-through beverage on your virus scan software?

Getting McCafé on McAfee

I was gonna make a joke about John McAfee

but there's just nothing funny about malware.

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