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Funny Maze Jokes and Puns

If Billy Mays were a farmer...

And he ran a really good corn maze during the spring, it would be called the "Amazing May Mays Maize Maze."

Be sure to always whisper while in a corn maze

The walls have ears.

Riddle: A flat-earther and a round-earther enter a maze at the same time. They each have a compass, and both know that the exit is on the North end of the maze. Which one exits the maze first?

The round-earther exits first, because the flat-earther died of measles while inside.

Maze joke, Riddle: A flat-earther and a round-earther enter a maze at the same time. They each have a compass,

If you made a corn labyrinth in the likeness of a deceased television pitchman...

You'd have a Billy Mays maize maze.

A man like me is hard to find.

I trim maze hedges.

Why did it take Knuckles seven days to escape the corn maze?

He didn't know da wae.

Get ready for a corny joke!

***What is Mr. Corn's philosophy on life?***

Life is a maze.

Maze joke, Get ready for a corny joke!

I went to a Abba themed bar last night

The toilet was like a maze

What a loo couldn't escape if I wanted to

Why did the corn maze go back to school?

It was tired of working in a dead end field.

You know what amazes me?

A maze.

What do you call the basic unit of grammar when it walks into a maze?

A lost clause.

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I went to Art Therapy to treat my dyslexia.

I don't know why they put me in a maze, but the cheese was good.

All my jokes are a maze (ing)

Boring, confusing, and you can find them on the internet

Farmer John

At the end of the year Farmer John completely cut down the corn puzzle he had created.

I guess you could say he razed his raised maize maze.

Scientists announced a new family fun maze covered in vantablack to help raise awareness about the new product...

...there were no survivors :/

What do you call a corn maze?

A Maize

Maze joke, What do you call a corn maze?

What's the difference between The Kite Runner and The Maze Runner?

I don't know, I haven't seen either.

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