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I went out to dinner with Neo from The Matrix when I saw him eating soup with a fork.

He kept insisting there was no spoon!

They changed something in the matrix...

and now all the eigenvalues are wrong.

Why can't you eat soup in The Matrix?

Because there is no spoon.

Matrix joke, Why can't you eat soup in The Matrix?

The cast of the Matrix was having a barbeque

The seafood was fresh off the grill. Keanu Reeves tasted it and exclaimed "What is this! It's like charcoal!"

The cook turned and said "What if I told you...that's why they call me Laurence Fishburne"

^I'll ^see ^myself ^out

Started my Matrix Algebra class a few months ago...

I'm really confused so far. When do we learn about Neo?

The Matrix would have been an entirely different movie if...

...Bill Cosby got the role of Morpheus. "The red pill or the blue pill?"

The first Matrix director coming out as a trans-woman felt bold, unexpected and original....

.... the second one? Ehh... not so much.

Matrix joke, The first Matrix director coming out as a trans-woman felt bold, unexpected and original....

What would happen if The Matrix was filmed in space.

I don't know, ask Neo Degrasse Tyson.

A warning to prisoners of the Matrix

Snitches get glitches

My friend said "Women directors have never had major success with a live action film"

So I said, "Nonsense! Just look at the Matrix trilogy."

Do you know why can't you eat soup in the Matrix?

Because there is no such thing as the Matrix, dumbass. It's just a movie.

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The girls in my computer science class are like the matrix

All you see is a bunch of ones and zeroes

What kind of car does keanu reeves drive?

A Toyota Matrix.

What do you call someone who has never seen the Matrix?

A Neo not-see.

My neighbour hosted a party and the theme was The Matrix. My girlfriend got home when it was finished and said it was rubbish.

Looks like I dodged a bullet with that one.

What do you use to heal cuts in the matrix?


Matrix joke, What do you use to heal cuts in the matrix?

Why is life like the matrix?

When you're young, you take the red pill, because you're depressed. When you're older, you take the blue pill because your wife doesn't do it for you anymore.

I can prove 11 = 10 = 9

XI = X = IX

for any matrix X

What is the trix rabbit's favorite movie?


M Night Shyamalan directs The Matrix:

There is a spoon.

So you guys know that one part in Matrix Reloaded when Neo revives Trinity?

That was a pretty handy life hack

I walked into a bar full of ugly women last night and swore I entered the Matrix.

Because all I was seeing were 1s and 0s

I thought it was Déjà vu, perhaps a glitch in the matrix

but turns out - it was just another repost

Dad told us "We're all living in the Matrix."

So we packed our bags and stayed in the Toyota.

Why cant you trust math teachers in the spring time?

Because they'll always play matrix on you.

One thing that bothers me about The Matrix is that Trinity is just there as a love interest for Neo

I just wish she had some more **agency**.

I got kicked out of Comic-Con for assaulting a guy who didnt know who Keanu Reeves played in The Matrix

That was the second time I've been called a neo-nazi.

What agency did Agent Smith work for in The Matrix?

Code Enforcement.

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