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In honor of 3/14... TIL the man who discovered Pi had his wife, Edith, leave him over his obsession with math.

Which just goes to show you, you can't have your Pi and Edith too.

Math Problem

Q: If the the radius of a pizza is *z* and its width is *a*, what is the pizza's volume?

A: (pi)(z)(z)(a)

"Pi R Squared", said my math teacher.

"Bullshit!" I exclaimed. "Pie are round!"


For pi day, my friend was selling pies as a fundraiser, so because I love pie, I decided to buy two.

I went from 0 to 2π.

I went absolutely nowhere.

A Math Joke

The mathematician says, Pi r squared.

The baker replies, No, pies are round. Cakes are square.

Pi Onion joke

An Opinion Without Pi is just an Onion


Math is fun


Mixed with some pie

What do you get when you cross a Star Wars ship with math?

A Pi fighter

Math teachers have been lying to you.

You're whole life math teachers have said Pi R squared, but that's a lie, My mother maid pie, and Pie are round

[MATH] Eric: Dad, I really hate my math teacher. The topic was about circles & he can't properly explain how he got his 2 Pi...

Dad: Probably where I got mine son.

*Yes, it's real*

I took pi to Idaho, Kansas and Utah ....

My math teacher always told me to take it to three dismal places

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Just saw a group of math professors leaving for lunch.

I wonder if they'll have some pi

Did you know that all math movies are pi-rated?

NASA says they're using math to put a man in space

Seems like a "Pi in the sky" idea to me.

Why was the clown kicked out of the maths lesson?

Because he kept throwing his pi in other peoples faces!

A hillbilly family's only son saves up money to go to college.

After about three years, he comes back home. They are sitting around the dinner table, when the dad says, ''Well son, you done gone to college, so you must be perty smart. Why don't you speak some math fer' us?''

''Ok, Pa.'' The son then says, ''Pi R squared.''

After a moment, the dad says, ''Why son, they ain't teached ya nothin'! Pie are round, cornbread are square.''

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