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What's the most useful material?

Scratch. You can make anything from scratch.

maternity ward

A woman and her husband are in the maternity ward where the woman is giving birth. As soon as the baby comes out the doctor grabs it and starts flailing it around beating it on the table and walls. 10 seconds later as couple is freaking out he stops and says "Haha, Just kidding. It was already dead."

Material Guy

A guy crashes his new sports car and when the police arrive, he is crying Oh my god, my gorgeous Ferrari!

The police officer tells him that material possessions are the least of his troubles, considering his left arm was severed as well.

The guy looks down where his arm used to be and wails Oh, my god, my precious Rolex!

I'm Lightning McQueen. My buddy Mater told me if I like the Piston Cup, I could work here and get dozens a day. As it turns out...

That's not what he meant, and I hate working in a drug-screening lab.

What material do african blacksmiths use the most?


What material are the Pink Panther's jeans made out of?

Denim Deniiiiiiiimmmmmm

There was a material election, and glass, wood, and plastic were the candidates.

Glass was becoming the clear winner.

Mater joke, There was a material election, and glass, wood, and plastic were the candidates.

I'm writing a children's book about a female otter that goes to college.

It's called Alma Otter's alma mater.

A maternity ward was overflowing one national holiday

It was Labor day

In a maternity hospital the wife delivered a son.

In a maternity hospital the wife delivered a son.
The husband asked his wife: "I am white, you are white, why is it that the child is black?"
The wife replied: "I am hot and you are hot. The child must have been burnt

In a maternity ward, a new father is worried that his wife might have been unfaithful...

"Do you think he even looks like me?" he asks the nurse.
"Yeah, but it's OK. At least he's healthy."

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What material does Mario use for his pants?

Denim denim denim

What material should you never use to create or build with?

Tin that was mined by moles. Anything you make with it melts immediately.

Maternity Ward

So I was at a matetinity ward with my friend. His wife & him just had their first baby, and he told me to go buy a pizza to celebrate. I brought back a frozen Digiorno brand pizza. My friend got mad mad like what the heck this is frozen? I responded, Well your wife had a C-section so I got this because it's not delivery.

What material do they use to make tools in China?


Materialists don't really think about whether the glass is half full or half empty.

They care more about whether the glass is expensive.

Mater joke, Materialists don't really think about whether the glass is half full or half empty.

The material I have bends in a strange way but it should be suitable for the client

Weird flex but okay

At the maternity ward a new father, worried, asks the midwife

"Do you think my son looks like me ?"

"Yes, but don't worry, the important thing is that he is in good health"

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