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  1. Bulls need to realize that when a matador waves his cape, he's scamming them. It's a huge red flag.
  2. What's a matadors choice skin moisturizer? "Olay"
    (I made it up- unsure if I'm the first but I doubt it)
  3. If you've made your fortune through being a soup chef or a matador. Then you're a bullionaire.
  4. What did the Spanglish Stan Lee say to the matador before the bullfight? Excel, Señor!

    RIP Stan Lee
  5. What did the bull-runner say to the upset door? What's the matador?
    This has to be the greatest joke I have ever written.
  6. What does the cow say to the guy who's trying to kill him? Hey, hold on, whatsa matador wit you?
  7. What do you call a Spanish matador who is not very good at his job? I'd say he's fairly incapa**bull**.

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  1. How do you say doormat in Spanish? Matador
  2. What do matadors use on their hands? Oil of Olé.
  3. What did the bull-fighter say to the upset door? What's the matador?
  4. A matador made a still life painting It was a gourd by a bowl.
  5. What brand of potato chip do Matadors prefer? "Oh Lays"
  6. Why did the French matador get fired? He kept waving a white flag instead of the red one.
  7. Ladies, if your boyfriend wants matador equipment for Christmas... That's a big red flag.
  8. How does a matador take his coffee? AU LAIT!
  9. What is a Matador's favourite drink? Café OLÉ!!!
  10. What do you call four matadors in quicksand? Quatro Cinco
  11. Avoidable ... What a Matador tries to do
  12. What did the matador say when he was gored by the bull? 'Spain
  13. What do you call a matador who lost to the bull? A mat'o'gore.

Matador joke, What do you call a matador who lost to the bull?

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Matador joke, What did the bull-runner say to the upset door?