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God said to Gabriel:

"I've finally finished my masterpiece. Beautiful mountains, spectacular lochs, and whisky - the most amazing drink in my creation. I shall call this land 'Scotland'"

"That sounds fantastic" Gabriel said. "What have the people of this land done to deserve all this?"

"Well" said God. "Wait til you see the neighbours they're getting"

Ah, Perry the Platypus. Before I begin, I would like to assure you that this joke was absolutely not stolen. And of course by not stolen I mean COMPLETELY STOLEN! *activates trap*

Behold, My voice-changenator! This masterpiece has the power to modify people's voices across the tristate area! Watch as I merely post to my blog, and then any one who reads it is suddenly unable to resist even thinking in a voice other than my own!

So my 5yo kid is mad at the world this evening and he comes up with this masterpiece:

Him: Knock knock.

Me: Who's there?

Him: Nothing.

Me: (struggling to maintain a straight face) Nothing who?

Him: Don't. Say. Anything.

Masterpiece joke, So my 5yo kid is mad at the world this evening and he comes up with this masterpiece:

After hours of working on every syllable of this masterpiece, I bring you a haiku I've titled "Truth in hindsight"

The sky is blue

The grass is green

Jetfuel can't melt steel beams

I broke up with a tin of paint this week.

I'm feeling pretty emulsional.


I just thought of this masterpiece...

No. No, I didn't because nobody here is ever original.

I created a formula that I hoped would prove to be my masterpiece.

Unfortunately this πd=Ω isn't provable.

Masterpiece joke, I created a formula that I hoped would prove to be my masterpiece.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a masterpiece with no flaws whatsoever.

Yo mama so ugly

She could be a modern art masterpiece.


What was the painters last masterpiece after he took his life called?

Red wall...

What do you call a famous painting that's been stolen?

A masterpiece mystery

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