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A couple were talking after having sex.

You know, that was a really nice time. You lasted a lot longer than usual babe. The woman said. What's your secret? Can I expect this every night from now on? She continued.

The man replied Well, we were sexting earlier so I knew we'd be having an interesting evening, so I might have masterbated earlier today. You could say I... Came prepared

What do you call a person who has never masterbated ?

A liar

If I had a nickel every time I masterbated...

I'd have a jar of sticky nickels.

I wasn't allowed to eat dessert tonight til after I masterbated...

Because how can you haveย anyย puddingย if you don't beat your meat?

What's the weirdest thing you ever masterbated with?

A piece of ham.

I felt guilty so I went to my rabbi and confessed.

He told me "you're a Jewish boy you should have used a nice piece of brisket"

I used to be afraid that I masterbated too much...

But then I learned to overcome it

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