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  1. Why do Americans rarely tell jokes about mass shootings? Because it's always too soon.
    ^(i feel bad)
  2. A Muslim guy killed 50 people in a mass shooting… Who says they can't integrate into American culture?
  3. I think Americans are right to worry about immigrants Because they might commit a mass shooting just to fit in with the culture.
  4. There was a mass shooting at the Gap store this afternoon. They're still counting the casual Tees.
  5. Did you hear about the mass shooting at the thrift shop? The killer was said to be goodwill hunting.
  6. What do you call shooting into a crowd of people at church in Massachusetts? A mass mass mass shooting
  7. Popular Memes are like Mass Shootings People won't stop talking about them until something until another one comes along.
  8. My brother wanted me to go over the thumb rules of escaping a mass shooting.. - Clear out a particular chunk of the crowd,
    - Shoot yourself in the foot
    - Drop the gun and mix with the crowd.
  9. What do EA micro transactions and Mass shootings have in common? We all know more are coming and no one does anything about it.
  10. America is finally getting around to banning some dangerous weapons after the latest mass shooting Its a shame nobody was killed by a flag

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  1. Apparently there was a mass shooting at the Gap. There were a lot of casual tees.
  2. What do you call a shooting in a Boston Catholic Church? A Mass mass mass shooting.
  3. Did you hear about the gunfight in the Catholic church? Mass Shooting
  4. Why do Americans rarely tell jokes about mass shootings? Because it's always too soon.
  5. If someone was shot in a chapel... ...would that count as a mass shooting?
  6. Did you hear about the gunman who shot up a Catholic Church? Yeah, it was a Mass Shooting
  7. Did you hear the tragedy of the cameraman in the church? It was a mass shooting.
  8. Did you hear about the attack on the Catholic Church? It was a mass shooting.
  9. What do mass shootings and Catholic high schools have in common? THOTs and prayers
  10. There's been a mass shooting event at DNC headquarters. All the messengers are dead.
  11. There was a mass shooting at a video game tournament today It's ok though they'll respawn
  12. What do you call a shooting that happens at MD Anderson? A Mass Shooting.
  13. Today some crazed gunman shot up a cathedral in Brazil... It was a mass shooting.
  14. I was going to make a mass shooting joke today But it was borderline too offensive.
  15. Why does U.S. have so many mass shootings? Because; they are, NRA's "target" demographic.

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Have you heard of the physicians that were killed at the annual Newtonian Physics Conference?

It was a mass shooting.

It's scary living in Massachusetts...

Every time I watch the news I hear about Mass shootings.

All these mass shootings make me think...

... People must really hate Catholics right now

When is a mass shooting not a mass shooting?

When it involves energy, because energy had no mass.

What is worse than dying in a mass shooting in America?

Your dad finding out you're gay.

What's the difference between milk and the USA?

Milk doesn't have mass shootings every month.

Whats the best way to invest in mass shootings?

A curious son notices a change in the U.S flag's position and decides to ask his mom

Son: Mom, why is the flag at the top of the pole today?
Mom: Because there hasn't been a mass shooting all week Billy.

Idea for a mass shooting themed party

Thots & Players

So what do you call a video recording of a huge crowd?

Mass shooting

american massing shootings

anything including an american is considered "mass"

I heard rumours about my neighbourhood church buying loads of guns for an event this Sunday

and I just found out it was a mass shooting

I heard that my local church are buying guns for an event this Sunday

oh, it's a mass shooting

On Jeopardy it was asked "What is the value of a number minus a number?"

What is "How many days since America's last mass shooting?"

Did you hear about the assault with a deadly weapon at the church?

I'm getting real tired of mass shootings.

Americans should be afraid of refugees

...because one of them might end up doing a mass shooting. Just to fit in.
ps. It's a Frankie Boyle joke.