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Funny Mason Jokes and Puns

My friend decided to take up wood working and he heard this joke at his new work place

A joiner makes sure that what he makes fits with the rest down to the tenth of a millimeter.

A carpenter makes sure it fits down to a millimeter.

A mason makes sure it fits down to the centimeter.

If the painter makes it to the right address, it's a good thing.

i tried to donate blood today.

it turns out it has to be your own. now they won't give me back my mason jars.

What do you call a stolen jar?

A free mason.

Mason joke, What do you call a stolen jar?

Today I learned that your surname denotes your ancestor's occupation like Baker, Mason, or Potter

Someone definitely has to explain why our surname is Dickinson.

Dad are we builders?

Yes mason!

How do you know the guitarist is at the door?

He's got the wrong key, doesn't know when to come in.

-Nick Mason

I like my women like I like my mason jars

Wide mouthed and full of alcohol!

Mason joke, I like my women like I like my mason jars

if you receive a mason jar at no cost....

does that make it a freemason jar?

Why did the stone mason leave his wife?

He felt taken for granite.

A blond is asked the definition of Politics.

She says "Simple! It comes from two words. The first, poly- which is Latin for many. And ticks, which are blood sucking bugs."

As seen on a masonry truck

Cement shop robbed, police investigators find no concrete evidence

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Why didn't the mason jar need a paternity test?

Because the resemblance was uncanny.

Masonry work is hard

There's a lot of trowel and error.

When Perry Mason entered the bar

he was only practicing

If people whose last name is Mason came from stone workers and people with the last name Taylor came from tailors...

then I don't want to know what the Dickinson family used to do.

What do thrifty Illuminati members like to put their pickled vegetables in?

Free Mason jars. :D

\[\[ Stupidest joke I ever came up with, today at work in the Dish Pit. \]\]

Mason joke, What do thrifty Illuminati members like to put their pickled vegetables in?

Police in my town have arrested a sundial stone mason.

I imagine he'll do hard time.

Charles Mason made it to heaven

Girl, I want to store my freshly grown produce inside of you for the winter

because you are uh mason.

Marlboro needs to hire Mason Crosby for their next ad campaign...

he's the real Cowboy killer.

My Father was a brick layer before he was sent to prison.

To this day he still isn't a free mason.

I went to dnate blood today...

Turns out it has to be your own. Now they wont return my mason jars.

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