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Joke from my daughter.

What is bruce banners favourite kind of potato?

no idea where she picked it up from, but it made me chuckle

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

It's their job to help people find their way in dark places!

(MASH s1 ep7)

How are mashed potatoes similar to an online college degree?

If it ends up on your wall, you're probably retarded.

Mash joke, How are mashed potatoes similar to an online college degree?

A man and wife went to a new dance club...

The first song was "The Twist," so they did the twist.

The second song was "The Monster Mash," so they did the monster mash.

The third song was "Come on, Eileen." They were thrown out.

The Koreans were printing with movable type in 1403.

I was in 1402 and the noise kept me awake all night.

- from MASH

What do you call someone who murders a hundred people with a potato masher?

A mash murderer.

Chuck Norris isn't that tough...

If he was he'd come here and mash my face into my keyboarfnfjdjfhnjdfyxydbdhxhdhd

Mash joke, Chuck Norris isn't that tough...

What's the difference between mashed potatoes and pea soup?

Anybody can mash potatoes...

What is a potato's favorite TV show?


If you have sex on Halloween, is it a monster mash or a graveyard smash?

Well it's only a graveyard smash if she's had a abortion

What do you call an awful Halloween night handjob?

The Monster Mash

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I was checking for lumps and found a perfectly formed pair of testicles.

God knows what they were doing in my mash potatoes though.

What do you call the Hulk's potatoes?


A man goes to see the doctor.

He has a carrot in his ear, a stick of celery up his nose and mash potato and peas in his hair.

Doctor says "You not eating right."

What's the difference between mashed potatoes and pea soup?

You can mash potatoes,
but you can't pee soup.

(sorry sorry. Really. I've loved this joke since I was... oh.. six...)

What's the best part about another korean war?

A second series of M.A.S.H

Mash joke, What's the best part about another korean war?

It felt good to mash up all my chickpeas...

But now I falafel.

What do you get when you mash up an avagadro?


A friend told me he started selling artisan home-distilled fermented grain mash on etsy...

I replied, "Sounds like a whiskey buisness."

When the girls sing "They did the mash" and then the guy chimes in with "They did the *monster* mash"

That's wolfmansplaining

Dracula was giving his son the birds and the bees talk.

Dracula: so when two monsters love each other very much,

Son: I know, they mash.

Drac: Yes! They do the monster mash!

What do you call a big portion of mash potatoes?


Mashed potato tells potato...

..."I got hammered yesterday"

What does Hawkeye say during a drunk fight?

I'm gonna M*A*S*H your head in.

What do you get when you put Alan Alda in a Jaws film?


Top three Funny clips mash up

Frankenstein's Monster - Dinner Troubles

**Frankenstein's Bride:** You never help me with dinner!

**Frankenstein:** I did the mash...

**Frankenstein's Bride:** DON'T YOU F\*\*\*ING DARE!

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