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Funniest Marvel Short Jokes

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  1. Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Disney world and the Simpsons. If they acquire my parent's divorce they will own my entire childhood.
  2. I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk He's essentially a giant banner
  3. I don't understand why Marvel hasn't put any advertisements on the Hulk The guy is essentially a giant banner.
  4. How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe? Hang him on the wall. Now he's a Bruce Banner.
  5. In the next Marvel movie I hear that Ironman, Captain America and the others will team up to battle Comcast . It is called Avengers Xfinity Wars!
  6. Marvel Comics have announced a new female, Muslim superhero who can fly. Which is handy, cause she's not allowed to drive.
  7. Did you hear about Marvel wanting to buy the NHL? They want to rename the championship trophy, The Stan Lee Cup
  8. I cannot understanf why Marvel haven't put advertisements on the Hulk... ... He is essentially a giant banner
  9. Luke cage In marvels luke cage everyone thinks that luke has super powers because he's bullet proof.
    But bullet proof black people isn't a super power it's straight up evolution.
  10. I have developed a truly marvellous demonstration of Fermat's last theorem ... which this post is too short to contain

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Marvel One Liners

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  1. Caitlin Jenner just signed a deal with Marvel. She is going to be in the new Ex-Men film.
  2. Why doesn't Marvel advertise on Hulk? He is basically a giant banner.
  3. Which Marvel superhero is transgender? Ironman, he's a Fe male.
  4. Marvel's greatest villain is Thanos. DC's greatest villain is Rotten Tomatoes.
  5. Why was Nikola Tesla a fan of Marvel? Because he didn't like DC...
  6. Sometimes I find myself just marveling at shovels. What a groundbreaking invention.
  7. The hulk is the only bisexual marvel character He smashes everything
  8. Have you heard about the new Marvel feminist superhero? Anti-Man
  9. Marvel should use The Hulk to advertise movies. I mean basically he's just a big Banner.
  10. I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.
  11. Rumor has it Marvel is gonna make a movie about Iron Woman The cast will have a FeMale.
  12. Marvel should use the Hulk in more of its advertising. He's literally a giant Banner.
  13. Is Goose from Captain Marvel a good character? You're flerken right he is.
  14. What Marvel Superhero is the best at HTML? Spiderman.
  15. Who was Marvel's first transgender superhero? Aunt Man

Marvel Superhero Jokes

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  • Captain Marvel wasn't the first standalone female superhero... Iron man was, because he's Fe-Male
  • Did you hear about the Marvel superhero that got busted for stealing a truck full of soft French Cheese? It was brie larceny.
  • Marvel will introduce a turkish superhero in the second infinity war movie Ayran Man
  • Marvel studios have just released a trailer for a new plumbing superhero and his side kick. The sidekick only has one line of dialogue in the trailer.... "I am grout!"
  • Which Marvel superhero is transgender? Captain: Am Erica.
  • Did you hear about the new Marvel movie with a team of transgendered superheros? Ex-men!

Captain Marvel Jokes

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  • What's Captain Marvel's favorite cheese? Brie.
  • Which Marvel character can beat Captain America? Captain Vietnam.
  • What would you say to someone when you're busy looking for Captain Marvel's cat? That you're on a wild Goose chase.
  • I saw Captain review score is... 78 cents out of one dollar
  • Social justice warriors love Captain Marvel because she's a powerful woman... ...but hate her because she's Binary.
  • Marvel just confirmed that the Incredible Hulk will be replacing Captain America He will be called the Star Spangled BANNER
Marvel joke, Marvel just confirmed that the Incredible Hulk will be replacing Captain America

Avengers Marvel Jokes

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  • Why don't The Avengers drive Dodge Avengers? Because cars like that are nothing to Marvel at.
  • So Marvel and Ikea decided to do a crossover series. Marvel replaced the "Suit up" catchphrase with... ..."Avengers Assemble".
  • Who makes the music for the Marvel movies? The Avengers Ensemble.
  • Did you hear about Avengers: Infinity Wars? It's said to be Marvel-ous!
  • Marvel just announced the title of the Infinity War sequel. [spoiler] Avengers: Days of Future Past
  • 'Avengers 4' has been revealed to be just a third of a minute long It's going to be the twenty-second film in the Marvel Universe
  • I went to avengers infinity war today I must say, it was pretty marvelous.
  • What do you call the marvel adult film? Avengers infinity w**....

Marvel Universe Jokes

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  • Marvel Cinematic Universe just announced their newest addition to their 2015 film that will be released in 2019 starring a transgender hero. Auntman
  • What operating system is most popular in the Marvel universe? ThanOS.
  • Why did Aquaman join the DC universe instead of Marvel? Because he was hydra-phobic.
  • Black Panther may be the richest person in the Marvel Universe
  • Who would be Sub Zero's perfect rival in the Marvel Universe? Thor.
Marvel joke, Who would be Sub Zero's perfect rival in the Marvel Universe?

Fun-Filled Marvel Jokes to Make You and Your Friends Chuckle & Giggle

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What did the Marvel character say when he attained full control of his Android's CPU and Kernel?

I am Root.

Martin Scorsese, the greatest living director, made the news for his comments about Marvel movies.

He said they’re not real cinema and they remind him of theme parks. I agree, although I don’t know what he’s doing hanging around theme parks. He’s not big enough to go on the rides.

Marvel at this joke.

What do you call an Asgardian instrument specialist with an attitude problem?
A Thor Luthier.

Why is a bad government like a bikini?

Because people marvel at what's holding it up. And they wish it would fall.

Bill Cosby was actually gonna be in a Marvel movie

He was gonna play Sandman.

My transgender uncle is a huge Marvel fan...

...and her favorite comic character is Ant-Man.

Marvel announced a Paul Bettany feature to come out in 4 years

They truly have 2020 Vision.

Fan's of Marvel should be happy with the election results.

Looks like you'll be getting a Civil War sequel much earlier than anticipated.

What does Piranha 3DD and Marvel both have in common?

dead pool

Which Marvel villain is the master of subtlety?


What's a Marvel tree's favorite drink?

Groot Beer.

If the Vision movie comes out in 2020...

The Marvel marketing group will have a field day

What do Marvel and Northrop Grumman have in common?

They're both heavily invested in Infinity War.

Why couldn't Superman play video games with Marvel characters?

Because he DC-ed

Did you hear about Tom Hiddleston's secret audition to be in the next Marvel movie? Apparently he dropped his voice an octave to throw the casting director off balance...

He was auditioning as a low key, low-key, Loki.

Have you heard about Stan lee's new marvel villains?

"The Accusers"

Marvel should really use hulk more often for advertisement

After all he is just a giant banner

Comic shop employees are like bartenders for nerds

The h**... nerds will take One DC, one Marvel, and one Indie

What did the producer say after seeing Caitlyn Jenner's audition for a Marvel movie role?

"Cast her as the Hulk. She's been Bruce before."

Iron Man is sexist

The fellas down at Marvel need to create an Iron Woman. She would use her super strength and agility to get even the toughest stains out of my office slacks.

Marvel are developing a new super hero who has the ability to remotely edit people's DNA.

He will be called Gene Hackman

After the stunning success of the most recent Ghostbusters movie it is herein announced that....

....the next Superwomen will be played by a man.
Marvel Comics

How to be a super hero

DC: be an orphan or raised by an orphan
Marvel: get in a freak accident

I'm going to miss Stan Lee

He was a marvel

After watching some Marvel movies with my parents, they promised to show me my very own Origin story.

I was so hyped, I didn't realize only after they showed me one of their s**... tapes.

Yesterday I heard someone complain that there is no lesbian representation in marvel

Which makes no sense because the shocker has been a spiderman villain for years

Disney has announced that all future Marvel movies will have an all male cast.

They are doing their part to combat the heroine epidemic.

Thanos's snap in infinity war would've had a greater impact if marvel made it seem that half of the audience wasn't there,

But apparently only DC movies can do that.

The Thunder God astride his horse came riding from the sky.

A majestic sight for all to see, a Marvel for the eye!
He held aloft his hammer great, lightning flashed and thunder boomed!
"I AM THOR!" he cried.
His horse replied, "Well you forgot your thaddle, thilly."

Why did all the MARVEL Netflix shows disappear?


If Caitlyn Jenner wanted to play a marvel villain, what would she be called?


Marvel and Tim Burton are making a movie together starring Johnny Depp.

It's called Wonkanda Forever.

Every time I go to a comic convention in my normal clothes, people ask me who I'm going as. I finally have an answer...

Thanks to Marvel, I'm going as a Skrull in disguise...

Why is Punisher the funniest Marvel character?

Because he has the best punchlines.

My my wife said she was leaving me because of my wierd obsession with Marvel characters.

I said, please Yondu that.

My store is currently selling Marvel branded socks

Im probably not going to buy any because im sure they will make my feet all Thor.

I support statehood for DC

But also Marvel and Dark Horse.

Black Widow period

I don’t get my period d**.... I don’t have a u**....- she says. - Or ovaries.

When Marvel named a movie after Chadwick Boseman's wife, they crossed the line

Seriously? Black Widow? Show some respect!

I took a Marvel version of those "which character are you?" quiz. I thought I would get Doctor Strange.

I was wong

o**... Capt. Marvel exploded

De brie everywhere

The Marvel character Korg is canonically gay.

I'd guess you'd say the other gladiators are hitting rock bottom.

Which Marvel hero would be the best nemesis of The Riddler?

The Pun-isher.

Marvel joke, Which Marvel hero would be the best nemesis of The Riddler?

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