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I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk

He's essentially a giant banner

Why doesn't Marvel advertise on Hulk?

He is basically a giant banner.

Which Marvel superhero is transgender?

Ironman, he's a Fe male.

Marv joke, Which Marvel superhero is transgender?

In the next Marvel movie I hear that Ironman, Captain America and the others will team up to battle Comcast .

It is called Avengers Xfinity Wars!

Marvel Comics have announced a new female, Muslim superhero who can fly.

Which is handy, cause she's not allowed to drive.

I am a marvelous housekeeper.

Every time I leave a man I keep his house.

Marvel should really use hulk more often for advertisement

After all he is just a giant banner

Marv joke, Marvel should really use hulk more often for advertisement

Marvel Cinematic Universe just announced their newest addition to their 2015 film that will be released in 2019 starring a transgender hero.


Marvel should use the Hulk in more of its advertising.

He's literally a giant Banner.

What did the Marvel character say when he attained full control of his Android's CPU and Kernel?

I am Root.

Marvel are developing a new super hero who has the ability to remotely edit people's DNA.

He will be called Gene Hackman

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Which Marvel villain is the master of subtlety?


Fan's of Marvel should be happy with the election results.

Looks like you'll be getting a Civil War sequel much earlier than anticipated.

Why did all the MARVEL Netflix shows disappear?


Which Marvel character can beat Captain America?

Captain Vietnam.

Marvel just announced the title of the Infinity War sequel. [spoiler]

Avengers: Days of Future Past

Marv joke, Marvel just announced the title of the Infinity War sequel. [spoiler]

Marvin Gaye's Last Day on Earth

Marvin (holding present): Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Dad: Marvin, if this is another tie, I'm gonna kill you.

Marvel and Tim Burton are making a movie together starring Johnny Depp.

It's called Wonkanda Forever.

Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin got it on in Spanish Harlem. As a result, Aretha gave birth to twin girls on the longest day of the year. What did they call them?


What's a Marvel tree's favorite drink?

Groot Beer.

Marvel at this joke.

What do you call an Asgardian instrument specialist with an attitude problem?

A Thor Luthier.

Marvel will introduce a turkish superhero in the second infinity war movie

Ayran Man

What do Marvel and Northrop Grumman have in common?

They're both heavily invested in Infinity War.

Marvel studios have just released a trailer for a new plumbing superhero and his side kick. The sidekick only has one line of dialogue in the trailer....

"I am grout!"

Why hasn't Marvel started promotions on the Hulk?

He literally is a giant banner...

I marveled at my handiwork of my latest creation: a fence made entirely from fecal matter

It was a quality shitpost

Marvel is making bold moves given recent event. They just signed Caitlyn Jenner.

Apparently they are rebooting the X-Men franchise.

What do Marvel movies and Billy Mays have in common?

They both are like, "But wait, there's more!"

Marvel kills half of your favorite characters

Nintendo kills %99.9 of them

Marvel just confirmed that the Incredible Hulk will be replacing Captain America

He will be called the Star Spangled BANNER

Marvel announced a Paul Bettany feature to come out in 4 years

They truly have 2020 Vision.

Marvel is making a "Winter Soldier" standalone film and I get to play his roly poly sidekick.

They call me...the "Summer Sausage"

All these Marvel movies, and they sure are taking their time getting to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

Don't worry. They'll get there... Avengually.

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