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  1. Marvin the Martian destroys the nba stars single handedly in the newest SpaceJam movie It's a Martian-Scores-Easy film
  2. If Philae finds an inhabitant on the comet what would be its first words? I'm a Comedian ^((because people from Mars are Martians)^) ^^And. ^^I'll ^^show ^^myself ^^out
  3. They've written a sequel to The Martian where a hundred rescuers attempt to rescue a stranded man on mars, only to fail. It's title.
    101 Dull Martians
  4. The most unrealistic part of The Martian movie was... CNN's coverage did not involve speculation about whether Joe Biden would also get stuck on Mars
  5. Told my wife I wouldn't leave her for the world... ...
    So does anyone know how to get on Elon Musk's martian citizen list?
  6. The Martian had a genius marketing strategy Planting water on Mars and everything. They must really want people to see this film.
  7. When the Martians made a movie about Earth, they came back for more Earthlings. Apparently, they needed some extra terrestrials.
  8. What do you get when you cross a Martian tripod invasion with a piece of chocolate left in a car? Hershey Common and the Heat Ray.
  9. What's a martian's favorite wine? Chardonayy.
  10. Girls are like martians to me Because they never make contact with me.

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Martian One Liners

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  1. Curiosity killed the..... Martian race
  2. What did the Martian call the human who was ran over by a bus? A flat earther
  3. Why the Martians haven't contacted us? They missed the opportunity
  4. Why was the little Martian sad? Curiosity killed his cat.
  5. What do you call fighting systems developed on Mars? Martian Arts.
  6. Where do Martians get their coffee from? Starbucks.
    I'm sorry.
  7. I just watched "the Martian" - What an unrealistic movie... ...Sean Bean survives.
  8. Why are Martians always green when they land on Earth? Turbulences
  9. What do you call a space alien in a hoodie? Treyvon Martian
  10. What do you call a dog from another planet? A dal-martian
  11. Where does a Martian go for a drink? A Mars Bar
  12. What do you call an alien civil rights activist? Martian Luther King jr.
  13. What did they call the Martian on Grindr? Martian Manhunter
  14. What do martians called their rodent-like mammals? Marsupials
  15. What was the martian's favorite cologne? Elon Musk.

Martian joke, What was the martian's favorite cologne?

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This pandemic has exposed how unrealistic the movie The Martian is.

Not because of the space travel to Mars, but there is no way the US government would spend so much money and gather the resources to save just one life.

The Pope and a couple of Astronauts make it to Mars.

There, they meet a bunch of Martians. The Pope who was eager to know If Christianity is universal asks one of the martians; Have you heard of Jesus Christ?
Well yes, says the martian, we know him quiet well he visits us regularly. What do you do for him to visit you regularly? We give him a box of chocolates every year he visits us, why what do you give him?
The Pope fell silent.

Martian joke, When the Martians made a movie about Earth, they came back for more Earthlings.