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I'm thinking of starting a marsupial fighting championship

I'll call it mortal wombat

I wanted to hire a marsupial butler...

but none of the applicants were koala-fied.

Why didn't the bunny get the job as a marsupial?

He wasn't koalafied!

Marsupial joke, Why didn't the bunny get the job as a marsupial?

How do you solve a marsupial argument?

Trial by wombat

The zookeeper asked her plastic surgeon to make her a marsupial by giving her a pouch.

She wanted to be more koalafied for her job.

A certain marsupial was denied entry into a local zoo...

His curriculum-leaftae was perfect, but he lacked the koalafications

What is a marsupials favourite drink ?

A Piña Koala

Marsupial joke, What is a marsupials favourite drink ?

I applied for a job as a Marsupial...

Safe to say I didn't get it because I lacked the right Koalafications.

Did you hear about the dizzy marsupial?

It was a wobbly wallaby.

[Siri Beta] What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with an alien?

A mars-upial

What's the difference between a Kangaroo and a Kangaroot?

A Kangaroo is a marsupial found mainly in Australia.

A Kangaroot is a person from Newcastle stuck in a lift.

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A marsupial fixed me an aromatic beverage, by pouring hot water over cured leaves and it was absolutely delightful! I asked how it was possible to make something so awesome at this level and he responded...

"It's koala tea."

I put makeup on a rabid marsupial

And called him Insane Clown Opossum

What do you call a wise marsupial covered in slime?

A goo-roo

What do you call a crazy marsupial that loves fights to the death?

Mortal Wombat

Why didn't the marsupial fall for the prank?

He knew it was a Kanga-ruse

Marsupial joke, Why didn't the marsupial fall for the prank?

What do you call an angry marsupial?

A crankeroo!

What do you call tea made by a stoned marsupial?

High koala tea

Joey the marsupial applied for a job to eat eucalyptus leaves all day.

However, he was declined due to his lack of koalafications.

What's the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot?

One is an Australian marsupial and the other is a Geordie stuck in a lift.

What do you call a kangaroo stowed away on the curiosity rover?

A Marsupial

What do you get when you cross an aged marsupial with a con game?

The old switcheroo.

What is the only marsupial indigenous to Ireland?

the O'Possum

Where do marsupials go for vacation?

KOALA Lumpur.

The reason that nobody has ever seen the Easter bunny is because they're looking for a rabbit. The Easter bunny is a marsupial, it has to be. Its a mammal that lays eggs.

What do you call a conniving marsupial?

A plotter.

Did you hear about the marsupial who was rejected at his job interview?

He didn't meet any of the *koala*fications

Life found on Mars!! The rover Curiosity found what appears to be an early marsupial ancestor of the American possum.

Unfortunately, the rover Opportunity ran over it the day before.

Why do marsupials have small liters?

They believe in koalaty over quantity

Why was the marsupial wrongly convicted?

He was tried in a kangaroo court.

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