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Funny Marshmallows Jokes and Puns

"The neighbors hate us."

"The neighbors hate us."
"Well, you remember when we had that bonfire in my yard, and were roasting marshmallows?"
"Yeah, that was really fun."
"And remember how the house up the road caught fire, and all those fire engines came, and we ran to see what was going on, and the wife was crying in her husband's arms, and how everyone looked at us funny?"
"Yeah, I remember! I wondered what we'd done..."
"We were still holding our marshmallow sticks."

What do cows drink joke

Say each of the questions aloud and then answer the final question.

What color are polar bears?
What color is cotton?
What color are clouds normally on a sunny day?
What color are marshmallows?

So what do cows drink?

Once, me and my family wanted to bake some marshmallows in the campfire.

We had the poles with marshmallows sticked to them prepared when we heard sirens. We all ran out to see what happened. The neighbours' house was on fire and I saw a lot of firefighters trying to get the fire under control. The neighbours looked at us with pure disgust. That was the moment I realized we were still holding the sticks with marshmallows.

Marshmallows joke, Once, me and my family wanted to bake some marshmallows in the campfire.

Guy walks into an ice cream shop

And says give me some chocolate, some marshmallows, and some almonds. The elderly gentleman working the counter says Careful son, you're heading down a rocky road.

Fruit Loops is putting marshmallows in their cereal like Lucky Charms

I guess Toucan play that game

I had a dream that I was eating marshmallows...

...and when I woke up, I discovered I'd chewed my pillow to bits. I'm feeling okay, all things considered. Just a little down in the mouth.

Why did the hipster burn his tongue?

He ate marshmallows before they were cool.

Marshmallows joke, Why did the hipster burn his tongue?

I like my women like I like my marshmallows

Hot, Black and Toasted.

What did the shop owner say when he accidentally ordered too much chocolate and marshmallows?

We've got a rocky road ahead of us...

I had a weird dream last night that I was eating huge marshmallows!

I woke up this morning wanting smore!

What was Vlad the Impaler's favorite food?

Toasted marshmallows.

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How is playing an online FPS like eating rocky road ice cream?

Because at first you're chillin with chocolate and marshmallows and then BAM - nuts in your mouth.

I just got over my addiction to chocolate, marshmallows and nuts

I won't lie, it was a Rocky Road.

Teach a man to light a fire and he'll be a happy camper

Set a man on fire and he can toast the marshmallows

Had a terrible nightmare last night...

I dreamt that I was forced to eat two huge marshmallows.

When I woke up this morning, my pillows were gone!

How do you know the guy leaving the public urinals is a blonde?

He's eating pink marshmallows.

Marshmallows joke, How do you know the guy leaving the public urinals is a blonde?

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