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Funny Marshall Jokes and Puns

What did Eminem learn to defend himself?

Marshall arts.

Edward Carrington Marshal, the only son of John Marshall, who was the original owner of the famous Liberty Bell, was found dead.

Police suspect Will Smith, since his fresh prints were found on the bell heir.


asked the Killer

Lily: M-My name is Lily..

Killer: Okay, you've the same name as my mom, I'll let you live. How about you ?!

Marshall: I'm Marshall but my friends call me Lily!

Marshall joke, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!

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What do Skye, Chase, Marshall and Rubble use to power their vehicles?

Paw Petrol.

I hear that if you draw a really good portrait of Jason Segel you will instantly be proficient in Karate, Taekwondo, and Jiu Jitsu

I think it has something to do with becoming a master Marshall artist

Marshall Mathers wants to make a statement but he doesn't want anyone to know he's saying it so

He requests eminemity.

I did a Fire Marshall course at work today

Got one of test questions wrong, apparently the steps you take when hearing the fire alarm aren't great big ones.......

Marshall joke, I did a Fire Marshall course at work today

"The kitchen is burning to the ground. Quick honey call the fire marshall!"


Marshall taught his students poetry, painting and scultping...

He called the course Mixed Marshall Arts.

For self-defense growing up, Eminem developed his own fighting style. It's known today as...

Marshall Arts.

I got arrested for saying "Hi!" to my friend Jack

The Air Marshall doesn't screw around

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What do you call a disabled air marshall?

A chair marshall.

I hope Marshall Mathers gets crippling depression and tries to eat his tears away and gains 180 pounds

Cuz then his new rapper name would be Nom-a-Nom

My friend makes paintings of Eminem combined with other famous rappers

He's a mixed Marshall artist.

Whats Eminem's first name?

Marshall, not that it Mathers.

Who do you call an Asian riot police officer?

Marshall Law

Marshall joke, Who do you call an Asian riot police officer?

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