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Funny Marrow Jokes and Puns

A chemist, physicist, and engineer found a human thigh bone.

All three of them were cannibals.

The chemist licked it, and tried to put it into water to dissolve it.

The physicist tried to break it open to get at the marrow.

The engineer took the bone, hit the other two over the head, and ate them.

Do you know the definition of a bonehead?

Someone who's marrow minded.

I heard that there was a French military leader who used to extract bone marrow.

His name was Napoleon Bone apart

What does a skeleton grow in his vegetable patch?

A bone marrow.

Why didn't Napoleon qualify for the urgent marrow transplant?

They couldn't get his bonepart

What do you call someone who donates their bone marrow?

A bonner.

My mate needed a bone marrow transplant

We found a match in Argentina

The operation was a success

Our thanks go out to Diego Marrow Donor.

A few prisoners escaped prison in a car made of bones..

It was a marrow escape.

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