Marinara Jokes

Not sure if you're in for a laugh or dinner? Look no further! This article dives into some hilarious marinara-themed jokes that are sure to have you both laughing and salivating. Learn the difference between a gyro and ziti, or just enjoy a great laugh — it's all here!

Happy Marinara Jokes for a Lighthearted Night with Friends

I'll take a 6 inch Meatball marinara on Italian herbs and cheese please

Actually, make it a 6 inch Spicy Italian on Herbs and cheese.

[EDIT] Sorry, wrong sub

What Do Pastafarians Smoke?

Medicinal Marinara.

This is my favorite sub.

Meatball with marinara, provolone, and parmesan on an Italian loaf.

A pizza had a bad dream

It was a night marinara

How does pizza sauce introduce itself at a fiesta?

Yo no soy marinara

TIFU by getting meatball marinara instead of steak and cheese...

Oops, wrong sub

I went to a sandwich shop and ordered a pastrami sandwich, but I received a meatball marinara.

Whoops, wrong sub

Chinese restaurant

A man goes to a restaurant and without letting the waitress give him the menu says "I want a Medium Rare Ribeye steak with Roasted Potatoes in Marinara sauce." The waitress timidly responds "Sir. This is a Chinese restaurant." To which the man replies "Oh! I'm sorry. I want a Medium Lale Libeye steak with Loasted Potatoes in Malinala Sauce."

I was caught stealing a pizza, guess what they read me.

My marinara rights.

I just wrote a poem about the time I got sick eating an out of date meatball sub

It's called The Rime of the Ancient Marinara

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