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A marine biologist developed a race of genetically engineered dolphins...

could live forever if they were fed a steady diet of seagulls. One day, his
supply of the birds ran out so he had to go out and trap some more. On the way
back, he spied two lions asleep on the road. Afraid to wake them, he gingerly
stepped over them. Immediately, he was arrested and charged with transporting
gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.

Why did the marine park worker feel aimless?

Because they lacked porpoises.

The Marines are a department of the Navy...

The Men's Department

Marin joke, The Marines are a department of the Navy...

Why did the marine biologist jump off a bridge?

He lost his porpoise in life.

What did the marine eat for lunch?

Semper fries

How can you tell if someone has been in the Marine Corps?

Don't worry. They'll tell you.

Why are marines who can't swim better?

They defend the ship with way more enthusiasm.

Marin joke, Why are marines who can't swim better?

What did the Marine Biologist say when he saw two eels making love?

"It's a Moray."

A Marine received a "Dear John" letter from his girlfriend back home...

It read as follows:



*I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us is too great and too long. I must confess that I have cheated on you twice, and this situation is not fair for either of us. I'm really sorry.*

*Love, Elizabeth*

*P.S. Please return the picture you have of me*


The Marine, his feelings hurt, asked his fellow Marines for any snapshots they had of mothers, sisters, girlfriends, cousins, ex-girlfriends, or aunts they had. After a while he had obtained a sizeable collection, and so he stuffed them all 62 of them into an envelope, including the picture of Elizabeth, along with this letter:



*I can't quite remember what you look like. Please take your picture from the pile and return the rest.*

*Take care, Michael*

"A Marine and his commanding officer.....!!!"

A Marine and his commanding officer were sitting in the barbershop. They were both just getting finished with their shaves, when the barbers reached for some after-shave to slap on their faces. The marine shouted, "Hey, don't put that stuff on me! My wife will think I've been in a whorehouse!" The commanding officer turned to his barber and said, "Go ahead and put it on. My wife doesn't know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like."

If a marine is underwater...

Is the marine called a sub-marine?

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Why do marine biologists have such a high job satisfaction rate?

Because they find their work gives their lives a great deal of porpoise.

Where does marine wildlife get treated?

The Squid-ward.

Marine Biologists

A team of marine biologists accidentally catch a porpoise in one of their nets. They about to let it go, when they notice it has feet! They study it and perform tests, and are now ready to release it. One of the biologists asks, "Why don't we cut its feet off?" To which the other replies, "That would defeat the porpoise!"

Marine biologists were baffled by why Jaws would always swim away after chomping off swimmers' legs.

Turns out he's lack toes intolerant.

How do Marines solve fractions?

They semper fi.

Marin joke, How do Marines solve fractions?

Why do they allow Marines on submarines?

Because sheep are obvious.

Marine Le Pen, recount the vote!

I do not trust Arabic numbers, use Roman numerals.

A marine gets a sponsorship deal

For Crayola

Here's to all the Marines on their special day!

September five!

The best marine

is a submarine.

When the marine biologist discovered the first ten legged squid with toes, he said...


I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

A Marine walks into a McDonald's, starts eating food off the line...

"Sample Fry"

There's a Marine in Afghanistan

A marine was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was there, he received a letter from his girlfriend. In the letter she explained that she had slept with two guys while he had been gone and she wanted to break up with him. She also wanted the pictures of herself back.

So, the marine did what any other man would do. He went around to his buddies and collected all the unwanted photos of women he could find. He then mailed about 24 pictures of women (with clothes and some without) to his ex-girlfriend with the following note:

"I don't remember which one you are. Please remove your picture and send the rest back."

How do two Marines find eachother in the dark?

Very satisfying

A marine walks into a bar and tries to order a Bin Laden

What's that? , the bartender asked

The marine replied, two shots and a splash of water .

What did one marine biologist say to the other?

A life without meaning is a life without porpoise

How do marine creatures commit suicide?

They krill themselves.

What does a Marine Biologist do?

Deep Learning.

I tried out for the Marines but fell just short of their requirements

So they put me in the Navy since I was a sub-marine.

My Marine Biologist friend was so excited about her job.

She said she's found her life porpoise.

Why are Marines like bananas?

They start off green, turn yellow, and die in bunches.

Marine biology

I was going to study marine biology dude. Turns out it was just a lot of maths.
Really dude? What course?
Algae brah.

A Marine walks into a bar

shots for everyone


it is ok Marine... some day in the future an American President will travel great distances to honor your sacrifice. Unless of course it's raining.

A marine, a navi seal and a Space Force....

Trumpfurine spaceman sitting by the fire.... well what are we going to call spaceforce people anyway?

How do Marine Animals pass new Legislation?

They ask the Seal of Approval.

What do you get when a marine dies?

Marine Corps.

Marine biologists have discovered a group of killer whales that regularly meets and plays music together.

They call it an orca-stra.

In the Marines they teach you to run towards the people shooting at you.

In the Army they taught us to shoot back.

Im a Marine Biologist

My Field of study is the naval infantry

A Marine Biologist walks into a lab,

She shouts, I think we found a way for cephalopods to discover fire!
The other scientist asks, how.
She responds with a CD,
By making them listen to my mixtape!

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