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Funny Mare Jokes and Puns

I dreamt about a horse last night.

It turned out to be a night mare.

Which horse runs the city?

The mare, of course

I had a dream last night about an armored horse.

It was a Knight mare.

Mare joke, I had a dream last night about an armored horse.

I keep having this recurring dream about a horse wearing a suit of armor

Actually, it may be more of a knight mare.

Every time the sun goes down, I get attacked by a horse.

What a night mare.

What do you call a knight's horse that's misbehaving?

A knight mare.

A man goes into a psychiatrist's office

He says, "Doctor, I've been having sexual feeling towards my horse."

The psychiatrist says, "How long have you been having these feelings?"

The man responds, "About three months."

The psychiatrist asks, "Is the horse a stallion or a mare?"

The man says, "A mare! I'm not some kind of pervert."

Mare joke, A man goes into a psychiatrist's office

What do you call a stable female?

A mare.

(This was a clue on the Daily Crossword app today which I couldn't figure out. I thought it was cute.)

I bought a female horse around 10pm

What a night mare

What do you call a mare who has countless sex?

A Whorse.

I went horseback riding and nearly died

It was a night mare

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What do you call a nocturnal horse?

A night mare


I used to have a horse that would only let me ride it in the middle of the night...

It was a night mare.

Why couldn't the mare speak?

It was a little horse.

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