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The wife phoned me and said, "You better come to the hospital. My mother hasn't got long to live!"

I replied, "But it's March Madness! All the basketball games are important!"

She said, "Record it and watch it later."

You should have seen her face when I turned up at the hospital with the camcorder and the tripod…


Saw a woman in Walmart who had March Madness teeth this morning

She was down to her final 4!!!


I saw a woman in Walmart with March Madness teeth.

She was down to the Final Four.


Q: What did March say to the madness? A: "What's all that bracket?"


What do you call someone with March Madness who doesn't even like basketball?

A hypochondriac


This is blasphemy! This is madness!!


I hate March Madness because it's too Canadian.

You know, the NC double Eh.


I saw a lady at Walmart with her March Madness teeth...

She was down to her final four.


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