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What is a marathon runner doing when he starts a marathon in Russia that ends in Finland?

Russian to Finnish.

If I say that marathons are superior to sprints...

does that make me a racist?

Why did the marathon runner end up in jail?

For resisting a rest.

So there was a marathon in Sweden...

...that went all the way to the eastern border. I guess you could say the race ended at the Finnish line.

I believe that marathons are bad. They are an excess; a perversion of healthy running. Running anything more than a few miles puts serious wear and tear on the joints without any benefit. Runners should be limited to no more than a 5k at the most, and marathons should be banned.

… and don't tell me that I'm just being racist.

I did a marathon the other day. You might ask how I went

I ran

What's a marathon runner doing at the Scandinavian Queueing Championships?

He's trying to get to the Finnish line.


Just won my first marathon. I am experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of de feet.

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