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Top 10 Funniest Manuscript Jokes and Puns

I accidentally deleted the manuscript of my book '1000 Ways to Cure an Itch'

It looks like I'll have to start from scratch

I'm trying to build interest for my new children's book

It's about a vixen whose tail hurts, and each page after the introduction is a new animal trying to help her heal or deal with the pain. Sadly, every publisher I've contacted has rejected the manuscript outright.

I'm not giving up, though. "For Fox' ache" will find it's audience someday.

Oscar Wilde walks into a bar with a large manuscript under his arm...

The bartender asks, "Why the long farce?"

My girlfriend is writing a book on contemporary feminist literature, and she let me read the manuscript

And I got to tell you, it'sā€” it's pretty good for a girl.

I'm editting my manuscript on dog languages...

it's a ruff draft.

I recently got hired at a publishing company.

The first assignment I got today was adapting a thousand-page manuscript into a five-page short story.

It wasn't easy to make a long story short.

A recently discovered European WWII era manuscript tells the story of a young Jewish girl who often had liquidy bowel movements.

It's called *"The Diarrhea of Anne Frank."*

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