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Sven and Ole joke (do your best Swedish accent when reading their lines)

Sven and Ole both lost their jobs when the clothing manufacturer they worked at closed. At the unemployment office, Sven was asked what position he held at the factory, he replied Ya, well I sew women's underpants. He was told to go to the next line to claim his unemployment check.

Ole was asked the same question, to which he replied Diesel fitter. He too was told to go to the next line to get his unemployment check.

After Sven and Ole collected their checks, they compared them outside. Ole's check was twice as much, which made Sven furious. He stormed back inside and asked to talk with a manager. He demanded to know why his check was half of what Ole's was. The manager told him, Well, you were a tailor, your friend Ole has a specialty in engine repair.

Sven's anger was boiling over. He loudly told them, WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I sew the underpants and put them in a pile, Ole holds them up and says Ya, diesel fitter. What has that got to do with engines?

My best friend tried to hide his drug dealing through a fake tobacco company and glass manufacturer.

It was all just smoke and mirrors.

I got a new tag on my car

On the front of my car, there's a license plate that says "Dodge."

That's not the manufacturer, it's a suggestion.

Manufacturer joke, I got a new tag on my car

With the massive downturn in international travel, aircraft manufacturer Fokker has started developing planes for the military. Their latest is a small, super stealthy reconnaissance plane that is almost undetectable!

It's called the Sneaky Little Fokker.

What is the leading manufacturer of vibrators?

Genital Electric

A major detergent manufacturer is to release a new range of fruit scents, including apple, tomato, orange, banana and mango

They're going to call it "Tide Pods - Natural Selection"

I explained to a friend that I had a condom break, so I called the manufacturer and gave them the serial number from the condom ...

at this point he said to me, "Wait a minute!!! You're telling me that every condom has an individual serial number?"

I said, "Yes, you've never seen that? I GUESS YOU'VE NEVER HAD TO UNROLL ONE THAT FAR"


Manufacturer joke, I explained to a friend that I had a condom break, so I called the manufacturer and gave them the se

What did the fabric manufacturer name his two daughters?

Poly and Esther

I told my dad that I wanted to be a perfume manufacturer.

He replied "That makes scents."

I'm doing market research for a telescope manufacturer,

I run the focus group.

Did you hear about the fire at the flame retardant textile manufacturer?

Someone left the irony on...

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An owner of a box manufacturer company goes to his son's school one day...

"Hey kids, I make boxes! Have any questions?"

One kid raised his hand...

"Yea, why does my dad keep talking about filling my mom's box, shouldn't he get his own?"

"Shut up son."

What advice did the frog give to the condom manufacturer?

Rib it.

A large discussion is held about a car manufacturer coaxing young Mr. Bating while he pleasures himself.

Mass debating Mazda bating masturbating Master Bating

I bought one of those new robot sex dolls

but it was unwilling to have sex with me. So I called the manufacturer and they said they'd have her fixed before I came back from my job.

After a long day, I came home to find the engineer having sex with my robot. I asked what was happening and the robot said The engineer knew how to turn me on .

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What do unsatisfied customers of prosthetic feet give the manufacturer?

Their feedback.

Manufacturer joke, What do unsatisfied customers of prosthetic feet give the manufacturer?

What's a fish's favourite TV manufacturer?


The glass eyeball manufacturer is having a promotion

An eye for an eye.

Why didn't the toy manufacturer do it with his wife tonight?

Small parts are choking hazards.

I heard an Italian supercar manufacturer is going to be making its next model be covered in chocolate and hazelnuts

They're calling it the Ferrari Rocher

For which car manufacturer does Matisyahu advertise?

Hyundai, Hyundai, Hyundai...

My great-grandfather worked on the production line for a prosthetic nose manufacturer during the 1940s.

We call it the ol' olfactory factory.

According to the Bible, what company was the first car manufacturer?

Honda. Because Jesus and his apostles were in one accord.

Did you hear about the chaos at a Networking manufacturer?

It was Panic at the Cisco.

Who sell the products cheaper – a manufacturer or a distributor?

The store guard.

Someone ordered a lion statuette for a Pride parade

Apparently there was a mixup at the manufacturer and they only sent the rear half of the lion.

What followed was a catastrophe

How did automotive enthusiasts feel when a beloved Swedish car manufacturer was forced to end production?

They were so sad, everyone started to Saab.

Long live Saab.

A keyboard manufacturer ran out of money

their business came to a full stop.

What would Donald Trump say if he was a revolutionary automobile manufacturer?

"Any color at all, so long as it's white."

Did you hear about the beef jerky manufacturer who was convicted of fraud?

It was a cut and dry case.

A shampoo manufacturer had an accident.

..he suffered injuries to his head and shoulders.

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