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Funny Mansplaining Jokes and Puns

If you are a man explaining something, you are "mansplaining." If you are a woman explaining something, you are...


What is the opposite of mansplaining?


My wife asked me what mansplaining is.

I'm not sure what to tell her.

Mansplaining joke, My wife asked me what mansplaining is.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I got in a fight when she said I was man-splaining.

But I think she just miss-understood

As a guy who is a feminist I hate man-splaining,

I wish woman could understand things on their own instead.

The opposite of mansplaining is womansplaining. I could explain it to you but...

Have you even listened to a word I said?! I didn't think so! God! Why do I even try with you!

Is it still mansplaining if you're explaining it to another man?

"Nah, bruh. Let me tell you... this is how it works..."

Mansplaining joke, Is it still mansplaining if you're explaining it to another man?

My wife is always telling me off for mansplaining

I prefer to think of it as me giving her my testostermony.

Scientists have looked into claims of widespread mansplaining...

Turns out it's usually just an ovaryaction.

What's the main problem with mansplaining?

Most women use the terminology wrong. You see...

I was accused of mansplaining...

So I asked them, "Did you just assume my gender?"

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Don't shame me for mansplaining.

I have correctile dysfunction.

My girlfriend used to complain about me always "mansplaining" things to her. Now she wants to know why we broke up.

I should probably tell her not to expect an exsplaination.

My wife tried to lecture me about "mansplaining"...

...but, as usual, she had it all wrong.

I dated a feminist once, but it ended really badly when I told her I may have given her AIDS

Apparently it's mansplaining to tell her to get herself checked.

Me: Have you ever heard of, 'mansplaining'? Female co-worker: Yes

Me: Mansplaining is when a man explains something to a woman that she already knows.

Mansplaining joke, Me: Have you ever heard of, 'mansplaining'? Female co-worker: Yes

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