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Bumped into my ex today...

Well, the police say it's vehicular manslaughter. So, yeah whatever.

I killed a dentist with an axe but only got charged with manslaughter.

My lawyer said it was an axe-a-dental death.

[First Date]

Me: Your profile says you're good at finishing sentences?
Her: Yeah, Totally!
Me: Same! I just finished a 20 year sentence for manslaughter

Manslaughter joke, [First Date]

If you kill a Disabled Guy...

Is it considered Vehicular Manslaughter?

A man is up for murder

A man is up for murder and discovers his friend a member of the jury
He asks him with great glee "will you please try and get me sentenced with manslaughter"
His friend decides to take up the request.
The mans day in court comes up and he is sentenced with manslaughter, delighted he turns to his friend ans says "was it difficult to get everyone else to go with manslaughter"
His friend replies "it wasn't easy the rest of them didn't think you were guilty at all"

What's it called when a man gets his crotch kicked.

Testicular Manslaughter.

You can't spell manslaughter without man's laughter

But can spell murder without any letters from sanity.

Manslaughter joke, You can't spell manslaughter without man's laughter

Crikey, more sad news from the world of technology: Anti-virus developer John McAfee is appearing in court for manslaughter...

They estimate the trial could last for 30 days.

Q: What do you call a Flint official being charged with manslaughter over the contamination of the water in Flint?

A: A good start

Baby, are you a Caucasian teen with connected parents on trial for DUI manslaughter defended by a high powered attorney?

'Cause you got FINE written all over you.

What's the difference between hot blooded manslaughter and cold blooded premeditated murder

A few degrees.

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It's funny how if you don't give a guy enough space...

A man's laughter quickly turns into manslaughter

Did you know?

You can't spell manslaughter without man's laughter....

Did you hear about the man with a laughing tic who accidentally killed someone?

He was found guilty of involuntary mans(laughter).

So I'm in court...

And the judge says "You are guilty on charge of manslaughter."

And I say "I object. I killed a woman."

Have you heard about those new "murder hornets" that have been found in North America for the first time ever?

A friend of mine is a good lawyer and can get the charges reduced to manslaughter hornet

Manslaughter joke, Have you heard about those new "murder hornets" that have been found in North America for the first

Never tell your friend a good joke while he's driving...

You could be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Why wasn't Caitlyn Jenner charged with vehicular manslaughter?

It wasn't her fault. Her tranny slipped.

Being a comedian is one of the professions that is considered successful when manslaughter is a nightly occurrence

Womans laughter is good too...

A woman calls 9-1-1...

A woman calls 9-1-1 and starts crying hysterically. After the operator calms her down, he asks what's wrong. The woman responds that her husband and his friends are in her basement, giggling at something on the television.

Confused, the operator informs her that what they're doing, while it may be annoying, isn't a crime.

The woman, angry, responds, "What the heck is manslaughter, then?!"

A man was killed in a boating accident when he ran into a dock

They were going to charge the dock with manslaughter, but they couldn't find a jury of its piers.

Why do dolphins never get charged with manslaughter?

Cause they do everything on porpoise.

Caitlyn Jenner has been charged with manslaughter.

And now I hear she's facing charges for a car accident. That's rough!

A butcher killed a guy.

He wasn't charged with murder, though.
Just manslaughter.

Did you hear about the drunk man with the laughing tic who accidentally hit someone with his car?

Heard he's going to jail for involuntary mans-laughter

My first stand-up performance was for a law-enforcement fraternity. It didn't go so well...

... in fact, they wanted to charge me with "Attempted Manslaughter".

There's nothing wrong with manslaughter

But nothing beats the laughter of women.

Caitlyn Jenner has been charged with manslaughter...

Bruce is dead.

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