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My wife was surprised to hear that I actually enjoyed her punishment of making me sleeping on the sofa. I said that it made me feel manly, like I was camping...

...with a really angry bear somewhere close by...

My manly password

My wife and I were trying to set up a new password for our computer.

Trying to be clever, I put "Mypenis" and my wife fell to the ground laughing hysterically because on the screen it said:

**"Error. Not long enough."**

You woman gotta' realise, making us sleep on the couch ain't that bad...

It's kinda manly, makes us feel like we are camping. With an angry bear nearby.

Manly joke, You woman gotta' realise, making us sleep on the couch ain't that bad...

Three little old ladies are sitting at a bus stop...

...when suddenly a man in a trench coat runs up to them and tears open the coat, flashing them his manly parts.

Two of the little old ladies immediately have a stroke.

The third couldn't quite reach.

While having a bath, a woman hears the doorbell.

"Who is it?" The woman asks.
"It's me! Your blind neighbour!" Replies a manly voice.

The woman thinks to herself "well if it's the blind man, I don't need to put anything on." And opens the door naked.

The blind man in complete shock says "I..... I just came here to tell you that my operation was successful and I can see everything now."

My wife There's only one person I know more manly than you.

Me: Who?

My Wife: Your mom.

Why are Pokemon considered manly in Peru?

It all dates back to the time of Macho-Pikachu

Manly joke, Why are Pokemon considered manly in Peru?

How do you make sports more manly?

Add a second ball.

What's the most manly building ever?

A Man-sion

A wife comes home from a long day at work

She goes to her room and she sees a pair of feminine feet in the bed with a pair of manly feet.

Assuming that her husband is cheating on her, she goes into a rage and starts beating their legs.

After about 20 seconds of punching, she hears her husband call from the kitchen Honey! Just wanted to let you know your parents are here

I tried to man up and told my girlfriend that we should see other people.

Though it just doesn't feel as manly when you know she was already doing that.

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Bareknuckle boxing is a little less manly...

...when you refer to it as "topless fisting".

(again, tis written by me!)

Women are like razors

guys use them to look more manly

People say that real men don't shave...

As if running sharp blades across your face is less manly than doing nothing at all.

Wife asked why steak has to be a "manly" food . . .

Told her that if it was a girly food, it would be a Ms. Steak.

A German, a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Spaniard were discussing which one of them was the least manly... the end the Spaniard is really just missing the man.

Manly joke, A German, a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Spaniard were discussing which one of them was the least

What do gay horses eat?


What do lesbian butch horses eat?

Hey (in manly voice)

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