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My dad works on Nukes and told me this today

What dessert was served during the Manhattan Project?

Yellow Cake

There's a new drink called the Sandy

It's a watered down Manhattan.

A new drink [nsfw?]

Some bars are serving this new drink called the "Hurricane Sandy". It's nothing special, really. It's just a watered down Manhattan.

Manhattan joke, A new drink [nsfw?]

So bartenders are starting to make a drink called the "Hurricane Sandy"...

Essentially, it's a just a watered-down Manhattan.

Hurricane Sandy

I asked my bartender for a Hurricane Sandy. She looked confused and asked, "What is that?"

I replied, "A watered down Manhattan."

A peephole was found drilled into the wall of a women's locker room in a gym in Manhattan.

...........The police are looking into it.

Have you heard of the new drink that they're calling the Hurricane Sandy?...

Yeah.. apparently it's just a watered down Manhattan.

Manhattan joke, Have you heard of the new drink that they're calling the Hurricane Sandy?...

What's a baker's favorite part of Manhattan?

The Lower Yeast Side.

I really like the Manhattan Project

It's the bomb.

(AP) New York - A baby delivered without eyelids had surgery today at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, NY. Doctors successfully removed the child's foreskin and were able to use the tissue to successfully form eyelids. Doctors said the child will be fine.

Just a little cockeyed.

I'd like to open a Greek sandwich shop in Lower Manhattan.

I'll call it Ground Gyro.

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The hurricane Sandy.

A guy goes to a bar and looks at the drink menu to see if he can try a new cocktail that he never had before. He noticed there is a drink on the menu named "Hurricane Sandy." The guy never heard of it before so he asks the bartender what is it. The bartender replied "It's a watered down Manhattan."

I'm getting tired of riding to work from New Jersey to Manhattan with my neighbors

I guess I'm getting Carpool Tunnel syndrome

What be a pirates favorite way across Manhattan?

An R to the C

Uber dressed up some of their vehicles as Star Wars Stormtroopers in Manhattan...

I wouldn't mind riding one of those. They won't hit anything.

Have you tried that new cocktail called Hurricane Sandy?

It's just a watered down Manhattan.

Manhattan joke, Have you tried that new cocktail called Hurricane Sandy?

In history class we got to read on a WW2 topic of our choice. I chose the Manhattan Project.

I heard it was the bomb.

Mixologists, bartenders, how to make a smoky manhattan?

You fly a plane into the WTC

What do maids in Manhattan use to clean their kitchens?

J-lo Cloths

What was Osama Bin Laden's favorite drink?

A double Manhattan on the rocks.

A man walks into a bar and orders a Manhattan.

The drink comes and he sees a piece of parsley floating in the glass.

"What in the world is this?"

The bartender says, "Central Park."

"A new Indian casino opened up just down the street."

"Don't bother going."

"Oh? How come?"

"Their drinks are too expensive. I heard they were charging 24 dollars for a Manhattan.

A man has just been arrested for stealing several Teslas in the Manhattan area

Mr T Edison has yet to be sentenced

An Asian man decides to move to Manhattan to start a business, but when he gets to New York there are no high rise buildings. Where is he?

Rong Island.

Bank robbery suspect

A bank in Manhattan was robbed by a naked woman yesterday.
"It is likely she'll never be caught" said Police "No one could remember her face."

They made a mixed drink after Hurricane Sandy

It's pretty much a watered down Manhattan

A man was trying to subdivide a large piece of property he owned in Manhattan.

But no matter how many ways he tried, he was unable to split it up into any number of equal sized parcels. He asked a realtor if she could help, but the realtor said there was simply no way to do it.

The problem, she said, is that's a piece of prime real estate.

TIL the word Manhattan means island of many hills in the language of the original inhabitants and the hills were leveled as the city evolved.

I guess you could say it was man-flattened.

New data: in Manhattan, a pedestrian is hit by a car every ten minutes

... poor guy!

Detroit Lions are playing right now

They're playing their greatest rivals, the Manhattan Refs

A woman walks into a Bar and orders a Manhattan

she just needed a free ride home

Remember Hurricane Sandy that hit New York a couple years ago? They made a mixed drink after it

It's pretty much a watered down manhattan

The Manhattan Project was an urban development program

It was designed to make city populations explode

A sex offender, creep and a billionaire walk into a Manhattan bar

The bartender says
Wow Mr Epstein what'll it be.

If they made the first version of the car for Knight Rider in Manhattan while listening to Frank Sinatra's New York, New York, they might have had confidence in their ability to build another, elsewhere. After all...

If you can make Kit there, you can make Kit anywhere.

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