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Funny Mandatory Jokes and Puns

You know you're a 90s kid when...

your vaccinations were mandatory and no one in your class got measles.

Told my co-workers this joke about mandatory meetings.

You really had to be there.

We had a mandatory meeting at work today

Tory and Amanda weren't even there!!!!

People need to calm down about Walmart making wearing a mask mandatory.

You can still wear your pajamas.

24 hour time format mandatory in my office?

Not on my watch!

Takeoffs are optional...

Landings are mandatory

My friends Will & Chrissy were worried about the mandatory quarantine...

But they are doing really well. It turns out Chrissy kind of likes being held against her Will.

My boss walked in on me hard at work

Now I have some bullshit "mandatory sexual harassment training" to sit through.

There's a town in Russia where it's mandatory to share learnings of dishware


The EU referendum

I liken the EU referendum to being in a pitch black room with two men in a mandatory rape scenario with both of them telling you theirs is the smallest.

American, English and Russian governments...

American, English and Russian governments passed laws about mandatory raping of every citizen on Saturdays.
Americans made a revolution, Brits reelected their parliament and Russians began queing on Fridays evening not to waste the whole weekend.

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