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Funny Mandate Jokes and Puns

What is a government mandate?

When Obama and Biden go out to dinner together.

What do you call a gay business meeting?

A mandate :3

What do you call a gay wedding in a courthouse?

A court mandate.

Mandate joke, What do you call a gay wedding in a courthouse?

City officials required all their male employees to socialize with male coworkers after work once a week.

They issued a government mandate.

What is it called when the government forces two guys to go to dinner?

A mandate

How are two gay guys who are perfect for each other similar to an Ancient Chinese Emperor?

They both had a mandate from heaven.

What's the difference between a proclamation from the Vatican and a mail-order husband from ebay?

One's a papal mandate and the other's a paypal man-date.

Mandate joke, What's the difference between a proclamation from the Vatican and a mail-order husband from ebay?

What do you call it when President Obama

What do you call it when President Obama and Joe Biden talk shop over a nice dinner?

A government man-date.

Boom. I'll be here all night.

Two gay guys went out for a night on the town without any cash.

It was an unfunded mandate.

Why did the chicken cross the road

To comply with the 6ft social distancing mandate

Did you hear about the time Donald Trump made James Comey have lunch with him?

I heard it was a presidential man-date.

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Why are most male politicians gay?

They can only mandate.

The Chinese emperor went out on a guys night.

It was the man-date of heaven.

Why did the two guy friends hang out every week?

Because it was a mandate.

What do you call it when one guy demands that another guy go to the movies and give him a hand job?

A mandate

Trump and Pence are so homophobic ...

... they couldn't get a mandate.

HAHAHA! A lot of people are going to die in the next 4 years.

Mandate joke, Trump and Pence are so homophobic ...

What is the official order allowing gay couples called?

A *mandate*

What do you call it when a man is given an order to take another man out lunch?

A MANDATE *snicker*

If I meet my lawyer over dinner to give him more work

... does that constitute a mandate?

*Disclaimer*: No, I don't assume all lawyers are male

Teresa May is leaving Plenty of Fish

Teresa May is leaving plenty of fish because she just didn't get the man-date she wanted

"Of course I have a mandate!" Donald Trumpler shrieked at reporters.

"Master Putin is picking me up tonight for dinner and dancing."

What's it called when Obama and Paul Ryan meet up for dinner?

A government mandate.

What do you call it when homosexual congressmen have lunch together?

A Federal Mandate

Tsipras and Varoufakis now have a mandate.

They will probably go for some retsina and gyros and perhaps catch a movie afterwards.

A male law is going on a date

A male law thought he was going to dinner with a female decree, but it turned out it was a mandate!

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