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Funny Manda Jokes and Puns

What does the Mandalorian say after he starts a new diet to gain more muscle?

This is the whey.

We had a mandatory meeting at work today

Tory and Amanda weren't even there!!!!

For someone who's name is Amanda Victoria

A nickname is Manda Tory

The Mandalorian visited the Dr

The Mandalorian visited the Dr and they got into an argument because Mando wouldn't take his armor off when he got on the scale. He pointed to the scale and said, "this is the weight." The know it all doctor pointed to the armor and said, "no this is the weight." The nurse was called to show Mando the way to the room so he could cool off. Mando asked how long it would take, she said they were behind today and if could be a while, and before he got angry again she looked him dead in the mask, and pointedly said, "this is the wait! I have spoken."

Mandalorian Stormtrooper joke!

It’s a known fact that Stormtroopers can’t shoot to save their lives. The Mandalorian acknowledges it while stormtroopers pass time by shooting at a tin can. And they miss it every time.

What did one mandarin say to the other mandarin?

I don't know, I don't speak Mandarin.

"Of course I have a mandate!" Donald Trumpler shrieked at reporters.

"Master Putin is picking me up tonight for dinner and dancing."

How Mandark feels after his constipation is finally over?


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