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A man walks into a bar and orders a rum and coke

Bartender: "Hold on" as he puts an apple on the bar

Man: "What's this?"

Bartender: "Try it"

Man: "It tastes like rum!"

Bartender: "Turn it around."

Man: "This side tastes like coke!"

Another man walks into the bar and asks for a gin a tonic, and the bartender places another apple onto the bar

Man2: "What's this?"

Man1: "Try it, just trust me."

Man2: As he takes a bite "This tastes like gin!"

Man1: "Now turn it around."

Man2: "This side tastes like tonic!"

A third man walks into the bar and the bartender asks him what he would like.

Man3: "I don't know, what do you got?"

Bartender: "Well we have apples that taste like all sorts of things."

Man3: "You got one that tastes like pussy?"

The bartender places an apple on the bar

Man3: As he bites into the apple "Ew! This tastes like shit!"

Bartender, Man1, Man2: "Turn it around!"


A man talks to his friend about dyslexia...

Man1: "Hey man I think I'm turning dyslexic."
Man2: "What do you mean?"
Man1: "The other day I was eating breakfast with my wife and instead of saying 'pass the butter', I said 'bass the putter.'"
Man2: "I'm going through the same thing! The other day I'm eating with my wife and instead of saying 'salt and pepper' I said, 'You ruined my life you fucking cunt.'"



Man 1: Hey, if you woke up with Vasoline on your ass, would you tell anyone?

Man2: Hell no!

Man1: Wanna go camping?


2 deaf men meet while walking down a street.

Man1: Going to the market?
Man2: Nope. I'm going to the market.
Man1: Oh sorry. I thought you were going to the market.


Two men were sitting in a bar...

Man1: I've fucked your mother!
Man2: Dad, go home, you're drunk!


My name should just be man1012...

because I have no D. (according to a YT commenter)


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