Mammary Jokes

What are some Mammary jokes?

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

Mines made of mammary foam

Did you hear about the lady with breast cancer and amnesia?

She has mammary problems.

Where does Muscle Milk come from?

Muscle mammary

I haven't had sex with a woman in so long

It's a distant mammary

What's the comfort support of choice for women's bras?

Mammary Foam

Doctors have discovered that breast cancer may cause amnesia.

After all, mastectomy would result in mammary loss.

Does anyone ever clearly remember being breast fed?

No? Well I guess, then it's just a faint mammary.

What happens when a woman can't remember her mastectomy?

Mammary loss

I made this up myself!

What do you call it when you look at your ex girlfriends nudes?

A trip down mammary lane.

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