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Funny Mammaries Jokes and Puns

I had breast cancer once...

Those were some bad mammaries.

My parents divorced when I was 9, and every other weekend my Dad would pick me up and take me to Hooters....practically raised me there. many good mammaries.

I was reminiscing about the time I dated this well-endowed girl...

Man, talk about great mammaries.

Mammaries joke, I was reminiscing about the time I dated this well-endowed girl...

I gave my friend a really tight sports bra as a going away present.

It was just my way of saying spanks for the mammaries.

My wife finished breastfeeding our son so I threw out her old breast pump

I'll miss that thing. We shared some good mammaries together.

Getting breast implants is an experience you'll never forget.

Those mammaries will stay with you forever.

A punk rock themed breast cancer center just opened up

It's called Thnks fr th mammaries.

Mammaries joke, A punk rock themed breast cancer center just opened up

What did the baby say to its mom after breastfeeding?

Thanks for the mammaries!

What did Pete Wentz say after his sex change?

Thanks for the Mammaries.

Found my old booberang...

Brings back mammaries.

I bought a booberang the other day...

It really brings back the mammaries.

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Why do Breast Cancer survivors not like to talk about their treatment of the cancer?

It brings them bad mammaries.

Breast implant patient in appreciation for the surgeon's work said: "Thanks for the mammaries!"

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