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My girlfriend convinced me that certain aquatic mammals don't exist right before she broke up with me.

She left me in otter disbelief.

I need your best jokes about mammals. Can you guys help me out?

I need a good, clean, short joke about a mammal. I know this is an odd request, but maybe some of you will enjoy the challenge, or maybe you have some good ones you're just waiting to share. Let me have em.

A marauding group if small angry marine mammals trashed my house last night.

They left it an otter shambles i tell ya.

Mammals joke, A marauding group if small angry marine mammals trashed my house last night.

Did you hear that some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo?

It was otter chaos!

Some sea mammals sleep with half their brain in deep sleep and the other half wide awake

This was developed as an evolutionary mechanism for survival, but biologists have documented a similar mechanism in workers at the DMV

Did you hear about the aquatic sea mammals that escaped from the zoo?

It was otter chaos

I developed a game where you feed avocados to small subterranean mammals!

It's called Guacamole!

Mammals joke, I developed a game where you feed avocados to small subterranean mammals!

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?

June bugs.

What do June bugs bring? Small grub-eating mammals, wasps, and endoparasitoid pyrgotidae flies.

I went to the zoo today....

only to find out that some aquatic mammals had escaped.

It was otter chaos.

I don't understand aquatic mammals

What's their porpoise

Your lifes like a zoo with no aquatic mammals

Cuz it has no porpoise

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I am starting a sanctuary for oversized marine mammals.

It's called Habitat for Huge Manatees.

What happens when you turn flying mammals into hotdogs?

Things go from bat to wurst

I work for a company who specialises in vacuum packed marine mammals.

We're famous for our airtight seal.

A man urinated in an a lake full of sea mammals

He denies that he did it on porpoise

You know, camping gear for sea mammals is really versatile.

It works for all in tents and porpoises.

Mammals joke, You know, camping gear for sea mammals is really versatile.

My essay on sick, long necked mammals had lots of errors in it.

My teacher said it was a rough giraffe.

A research group on sea mammals captured a rather odd porpoise on one of its trips.....

Its peculiarity was that it had feet. After they had photographed and measured the poor thing, they prepared to set it free.
"Wait a minute," said one of the researchers, "Wouldn't it be a kindness if our ship's doctor here were to amputate the feet so that it would be like other porpoises?" "Not on your life," exclaimed the doctor,
"That would be defeeting the porpoise."

What do martians called their rodent-like mammals?


What's the point in underwater mammals?

They serve no porpoise

Centipede is not what it was meant to be

It was supposed to like mammals.

The problem was, when He wrote the specifications, He wrote limb count in binary


What do you call a shadow organization of marine mammals that controls everything?


Two aquatic mammals just broke up.

They wanted to sea otter people.

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