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Historians have discovered that human rights activist Malcolm X was actually just called Malcolm

He was rather affectionate at the end of his text messages.

I wanted to go see Malcolm X when it came out in theaters...

But I was afraid wouldn't get it since I hadn't seen 1 through 9

My friend asked me why I act so insecure when he would talk to my girlfriend.

I don't remember what my answer was, but their son Malcolm turns two next month.

So if Trump doesn't like conversations with Turnbull and Australians don't like conversations with Turnbull, is Turnbull...

... Malcolm in the middle?

Malcolm X

TIL that right before his death, Malcolm X was working on a book denouncing the factory farm system and advocating for a vegetarian lifestyle. It was going to be called "By Any Greens Necessary"

Malcolm Turnbull plans to fix NBN over the next 5 years

Starting on April Fools Day

What is Malcolm X's favorite Gatorade flavor?


Malcolm X chose that name because he didn't want to admit that he accidentally put a kiss at the end of his text message...

POLL: Do you have the theme song to Malcolm In The Middle playing in your head?

What's Malcolm X's favorite Mountain Dew flavour?


What was in those drums of chemicals Captain Malcolm Reynolds hid behind in Firefly?


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What do you call the elbow of the guy who directed Malcolm X?

A Spike Lee joint.

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