Malays Jokes

What are some Malays jokes?

Malaysian Airlines and United should merge

That way they can beat their passengers and no one will ever find out.

Why don't Malaysian TV shows get commissioned?

Because they all have terrible pilots.

A Malaysian man buys a new phone...

He puts it on airplane mode. Now he cant seem to find it anywhere.

The Only Malaysian Airlines Survivor

Please spare a thought and your sympathy for the man who told his wife he was going to China on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370...

And now can't come out of his girlfriend's apartment.

How do Malaysian airlines serve all their drinks?

On the rocks

Why has the Malaysian Government banned Cheese Boards?

Because people keep reporting they've found de brie.

The Malaysian athletes at the Commonwealth Games are looking very nervous

Must be thinking about the flight home already.

Malaysia Airlines may get lost

but at least you'll never lose your seat.

Malaysian food is the best!

Because it goes down easily

There is a Malaysian '80s cover band called "The Union."

What were they thinking, not going with "Durian Durian"?

As a Malaysian, I thought that our Prime Minister would be crowned the worst political leader of the century

But it looks like America has finally decided to us their Trump card.

How many Malaysians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The light bulb was right here just a second ago.

the whole Malaysian Airlines thing is fascinating

looks like they're out to prove that it is the journey, not the destination, that matters most.

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