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In Pokemon, I never understood why bug types were supereffective against dark types.

But then I thought about malaria in Africa and it all made sense.


Why is Pokemon quite realistic?

Because in the games, Bug-types are effective against Dark-types. Just like malaria in Africa.


What do you get when you perform a bad vocal solo to a crowd of mosquitoes?



Computer Science joke: After you've been bit 8 times by a mosquito does that been you have a mosquito byte?

Not understanding this joke is what causes malaria.


What did the cop name his guns?

Ebola and Malaria because they kill blacks


Ever hear about the South African SWAT team?

They operate in areas with malaria outbreaks.


a mosquito bit my dick

gave me malaria in my male area


Africans having food

Jk they only have malaria and aids


What does a malaria-spreading mosquito have in common with velocity?

They're both vectors.


TIL Bill Gates once released a swarm of mosquitoes at a TED talk about malaria, saying that it shouldn't be an experience only for old people,

I can't wait to go see his new talk about gun violence.


Puns are like people with malaria.

The more there are the funnier it gets.



Malaria kills a child every two seconds in Africa...

Somebody should arrest that guy.


Why did the african child die while choking on rice?

because he had malaria


Much respect for Mrs Tu Youyou on finding cure for Malaria and winning the Nobel Prize for it.

......singing her Happy Birthday would be confusing as hell though, fuck that shit!


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