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Don't make fun of fat people with lisps...

They're thick and tired of it

Listen guys, I know this sub is all in good fun, but I don't think it's right to be making dumb jokes about obese people.

They already have enough on their plates.

I hate it when people make fun of the disabled

They can't even stand up for themselves

Guys, don't make fun of fat people

It's not as if they don't have enough on their plate

People always make fun of my dad because his name is Chip and he is a Dorito farmer

You might think that is cheesy but actually we got to grow up on a really cool ranch

There was a man once who was named "Odd"

He hated his name because he was bullied due to his name in School. His whole life he had to endure people making fun out of him. When he was old and on his death bed, he told his children that his headstone should not have his name and should be blank. After he died, his children fulfilled his wish and put up a blank headstone.

Later when people were passing by his grave, they would look at his blank headstone and say - "Hmmm. Thats Odd".

Don't make fun of people who stammer

They're just going through a phrase.

As a doctor I never make fun of unvaccinated kids.

I don't like to joke about dead people.

I was bullied...

When I was a little kid this other kid in a wheelchair used to bully me but I couldn't do anything about it because I felt bad making fun of him. So for the rest of my life people knew me as the guy who "couldn't stand up for himself" and I think that's ironic considering it all.

We should stop making fun of fat people

They have too much on their plate already

I'm so sick of people making fun of the United States

Don't they know we're the third best country in North America?

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Its not easy Making Fun of Retarded People

You Really have to explain it to them

--- Anthony Jeselnik

Black people making fun of Confederates for losing the war...

Like they were doing any better at the time.

Everyone keeps on complaining about my offensive jokes but,

whenever I make fun of mute people they don't even say a word!

Son: Dad, what are this 'trans fats" given on the label?

Dad: Trans fats are both groups of people you can't make fun of.

I really don't see the point...

... of making fun of blind people...
Also I just can't stand cripple jokes...

People often make fun of me for swallowing helium

But I rise above it.

You have to admire Amish people for their great sense of self-derision. You can find tons of jokes making fun of them on Reddit...

But you never see one of them writing a disapproving comment below.

I'm getting really sick of all this hate for Donald Trump.

It isn't nice to make fun of mentally ill people.

British people like to make fun of Americans for not using the metric system.

But I've never heard of a single British person walking into a pub and ordering a half liter…

Anybody know some white people jokes?

I'm an avid racist and like to have plenty of denigrating jokes at the ready for any particular race. Sadly I know very few targeted at Caucasians, and the ones I do know make them look sorta good (rich, stable, part of ruling elite). Anybody know any jokes that poke fun at being white?

Did you know that NASCAR fans are the easiest people to make fun of?

As soon as they start chasing you down, all you have to do is turn right.

Why cant you make fun of Chinese people?

Because its just wong

I've started wearing a bike helmet, cause I find safety important. Now people stare and make fun of me.

I'll never go to that spinning class again.

How many dyslexic people does it take to screw in a light bulb ?

How many dyslexic people does it take to screw in a light bulb ?


(BTW I am dyslexic so I think it is ok to make fun of myself)

Why do people like to make fun of EA?

It's in the games.

A man goes to see his lawyer and says....

"I can't stand my name. I'm sick of people making fun of me. I want to officially have it changed."

The lawyer says: "What's your current name?"

"John Bedwetter."

"What do you want to change it to?"

"Paul Bedwetter."

People say it's easy to make fun of retarded people, but it's not..

you *really* have to explain it to them.

I hate it when people make fun of the disabled.

I don't know how other people can stand for it.

You shouldn't make fun of crippled people

They can't stand up for themselves.

A blonde was sick and tired of people making fun of her for being a blonde, so she decided to hang herself.

A couple minutes later two men walk by and see her hanging by her wrists.

"What are you doing." they ask her.

So she replies "Hanging myself."

The men are confused and asked "If you are hanging youself, you put the rope around your neck."

The blond says "Duh....I tried that, I couldn't breath."

Today is actually my birthday

People use to make fun of me for not having anyone at my parties... well look where they are now!

A guy with a stammer participates in an open Mic night at a pub.

In his opening joke, he makes fun of other people with stammers. A guy from the audience shouts, "You can't make fun of disabilities even if you have one!" The comedian replies, "Did I f-fucking s-s-stutter?"

To the people making fun of archery... cant try it until you nock it.

My midget girlfriend is always depressed with people making fun of her size.

So to cheer her up, I got her some flowers and some chocolates and run her a nice hot sink.

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