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Funny Maine Jokes and Puns

I couldn't follow the storyline of Stephen King's It

Too many Maine characters.

Why didn't the hipster want to see the Saint John River and the Penobscot River?

They're two Maine streams.

I'm directing a film...

... And starring in it, as a shaggy groundskeeper from Northern New England who leads midnight raids on the estate's garden.

I'm the main character, mane caretaker, Maine carrot-taker.

Maine joke, I'm directing a film...

I don't care where states are located

If Oklahoma was right next to Maine that would be ok by me.

Do you know you can't hang a man with a wooden leg in Maine?

You have to use a rope.

People from Maine are so self-centered

All their T-Shirts and mugs say "I ❤️ ME"!

Why were Missouri and Maine admitted as states at the same time?

Because Missouri loves company.

Maine joke, Why were Missouri and Maine admitted as states at the same time?

Stephen King is like, I know a place

and then everyone is like, Maine, we KNOW.

My girlfriend lives in Portland, she's my Maine hoe

But I got a girl in Boise who's my Sidaho

What state did the programmer start her road trip in?


What do you call a Mexican that lives in Maine

An L.L.Beaner

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If you watch it backwards. . .

The Shawshank Redemption is about two mexican fishermen who are such great friends that when one of them is sent to prison in Maine, the other one crawls through five hundred yards of foulness you can't even imagine to be with him.

So I walked by a restaurant in Maine!

It had a sign up " Happy hour special:
Lobster tail and beer!"

I said to myself. Jesus, my three favorite things!

My girlfriend fell off a fishing boat just off the coast of Maine and was devoured by a giant shellfish.

You might say a New England clam chowed her.

Our sailing trip in Maine was going great...

until we were capsized by Augusta wind.

Why you taking your girl to Maine this summer?

I'm going to Bangor.

Maine joke, Why you taking your girl to Maine this summer?

George HW Bush fell and broke his neck today

It's in the news. Today George HW Bush fell and broke his neck at home in Maine. Fox news is blaming it on Hillary. Donald Trump said his Mexican Maid pushed him down the stairs.

TIL that in the 1820 Missouri Compromise, Missouri wasn't able to become a state unless Maine was also granted statehood.

As it turns out, Missouri loves company.

Where was the male lion's favorite vacation spot?


Is it just ME...

or are all states named Maine?

You should stay away from people from Maine

Because they're mainiacs

Old Lenny

Old Lenny lived far out in the western mountains of Maine. He had spent all of his 80 years living on the family homestead.

One morning, two land surveyors appeared at his doorstep. The first one spoke: "Now Lenny, we know you is a proud Mainer, but it seems you ain't in Maine at all. We jist finished surveyin' this whole township, and your house is actually on the New Hampshire side of the state line."

"Wicked decent," says old Lenny, "I'd had enough of them Maine winters anyhow."

Have you lived in Maine your whole life?

Not yet

What are people from Maine called?


There are no hipster lobsters...

...In a Maine stream

Do you know why they buried George H. W. In Houston instead of his beloved Kennebunkport?

Because it's way to cold for planting Bushes in Maine.. told to me by my mother

I've read my first Stephen King novel

IT was a Maine event

Which U.S state is the most important?




Where do all lions actually come from?

Maine... Get it hehe

What's a porcupines favorite state?


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