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Funny Magnum Jokes and Puns

They say Magnum condoms are only good for big schlongs

I don't buy it

Why did the judge pass around XL Magnum condoms in court?

Because it was a hung jury

What do you call a guy that drives a Ferrari, but can't afford the down payment on his house?

Magnum PMI

Ice cream van drivers are very territorial.

I came across a couple arguing once, one threatened the other with a hammer. Soon backed off when the other guy pulled out a Magnum!

how fast did the detectives computer mouse move? (OC)

Magnum D.P.I.

When somebody tried to mug me, I raised my magnum...

But then I realized I was bringing an ice-cream to a gunfight.

Some Americans use Magnum condoms for their Magnum dongs

Whereas Chinese use their Mao Zecondoms for their Mao Zedongs

Ice van drivers fight

Came across two ice van drivers fighting. One got to the point of threatening the other with a hammer, the other pulled out a magnum.

I've been working on my best ice cream creation ever but it got infected.

It's my Magnum O'pus.

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