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A man walks into a bar, and orders 10 times the amount of drinks as everyone else.

The barman says "now *that's* an order of magnitude!"

Two seismologists have divided California into North and South to be monitored for earthquakes. A deadly magnitude 9 happens right in the middle

The North seismologist says: "why didn't you see the earthquake coming?!"

The South seismologist says: "It's not my Fault!"

A man walking into a bar and says, "I'll have ten times more beers than your next biggest drinker"

The bartender replied, "Now that's an order of magnitude!"

Magnitude joke, A man walking into a bar and says, "I'll have ten times more beers than your next biggest drinker"

How do you walk a perfect straight line during the next 7.2 magnitude earthquake?

Develop Parkinsons.

I think Magnitude 10 earthquakes are the best comedians

They can make the whole world crack up.

Despite all the problems it has caused, this pandemic has given all of us direction

And magnitude. We're all vectors.

Order 66 ...

If the citizens of Star Wars used Base 66 Numbers, Palpatine would have said:
> Execute the Order of Magnitude!

Magnitude joke, Order 66 ...

A man walks into a bar

and says to the bartender, "Give me ten times the number of drinks everyone has in this bar"

The bartender replies, "Whoa! That's an order of magnitude."

Stone people say"big gay"

I say "homosexuality of sizable magnitude"

Magnitude 12 Earthquake

Is your mom walking.

California Earthquake

Today there was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake reported in California.
Taylor Swift was quoted as saying "Shake it, shake it off".

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