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Funny Magica Jokes and Puns

My magical watch just told me you aren't wearing any panties.

Oh, you are? Hmmmmm...must be an hour off...

There was a magical young lady, eating lunch in the desert

It was a sandwich

Where do magical animals go to jail?


Magica joke, Where do magical animals go to jail?

So there's this magical mountain...

...where people jump off, and land in a pool of whatever they yell. There are three chicks, a brown-haired girl, and brunette, and a blonde. The brown-haired girl jumps, and yells "CANDY!", and lands in a huge pool of candy. The brunette jumps off and yells "MONEY!", and lands in a pool of money. The blonde jumps and yells "CANNONBALL!".

How many magical fairies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two, the tricky part is getting them both inside there.

Magical Mirror

In a fancy Paris restaurant, there is a magical wish-granting mirror. But it only grants wishes if you tell the truth β€” if you lie, you disappear.

One day, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead enter the restaurant and decide to try out the mirror. The brunette goes first. I think I'm the smartest woman on earth. POOF! She disappears.

The redhead goes up to try. I think I'm the prettiest woman on earth. POOF! She disappears.

The blonde goes up. I think– POOF!"

A magical spanish thief was caught trying to steal an early work of a famous artist

In his defeat, he declared they could keep the work, but he would set himself free on the count of three. He said "Uno...Dos...." and then poof, he vanished without a trace.

Who has been magically making Nintendo money?

Nintendo'S witch

A magical mirror will suck in anyone who lies to it.

A skinny brunette goes up to the mirror and says "I think I'm fat" Boom sucked in. A redhead goes up to the mirror singing a Stevie Wonder song and says "I think I can sing soul music" Boom sucked in. Finally the blonde goes up to the mirror and says "I think---" Boom and the mirror sucks her in!

There's a magical being that consumes seconds, minutes, and hours for food who will go away if you feed it enough

It takes time

What's the most magical grain for college students?

Uni corn

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....magical blonde wizard wlaks ito a bra

**blonde:** ...where's my spell checker?

When I was 6, I had a magical rock that could write on cars...

My dad didn't like my magical rock...

This Magical item can prove any man guilty of a crime he did not commit

Women's tears

There was a magical tractor...

There was a magical tractor traveling down the road. Then it turned in to a farm.

Magical tractor

I was watching a magical tractor driving down the road, when all of a sudden out of nowhere it turned into a field!

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