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Are you looking for some classic mage jokes that will make you chuckle? Look no further! This article has a collection of the best mage jokes, from WoW Mages and Warlocks to classic magical puns. Enjoy!

Howlingly Hilarious Mage Jokes for All Ages to Enjoy

A knight's brother was slain in battle by monster

Knight: I will avenge the death of my brother!

Hunter: You have my bow!

Warrior: And my axe!

Mage: And my staff!

Necromancer: And your dead brother!

Why is everyone a social justice warrior ?

Couldn't they pick another class ? Like social justice mage or social justice hunter ?

What kind of mage uses pastries to s**... people?

A pie romancer

What does a dyslexic person and a bad mage have in common?

Neither can spell.

A paladin and a warrior go into a mage's electronics store to buy computers.

The paladin asks for a Dell computer. The mage directs him to aisle five. The warrior asks for a Hewlett-Packard. The mage says "I'm all out of HP." The mage dies.

What's a mages favorite tea?


What's the best kind of tea overall?


Why did the Spanish Mage never cast a spell?

Because his MPnada

Mage joke, Why did the Spanish Mage never cast a spell?

Why couldn't the ocean mage cast a spell?

He forgot to drink his manatee.

An old fire mage asks his granddaughter to help him set up a "Face Book".

After she helps him sign up, add some friends, and pick a profile picture, he decides to write a short profile description as well.

"What would you like it to say?" says the granddaughter.

"Well, first, I am a fire mage, and I... love lemon meringue."

The granddaughter nods "mm-hmm" and begins typing:


I am now the strongest mage you could ever see!!! For i have mastered Fire and Ice magic.


Hear about the Death Mage who liked to kiss a victim's jugular before killing them?

He was a neck romancer.

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Facebook told me the funniest name for a blood mage goblin

It's a Hemogoblin.

Why did the mage retire?

He had a huge Staff infection

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What does a Potassium Mage use?

Banana mana

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