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Funny Madoff Jokes and Puns

Never trust a "Bernie" to manage your finances...

The last one I knew Madoff with all my money.

Trump has named Bernie Madoff as Head of Treasury Department

Madoffs response when he learned of the appointment:
"Pardon Me?"

A jew called Bernie ran the biggest ponzi schema ever , he took millions from gullible low information people promising them unrealistic returns .

I was talking about Bernie Madoff not Bernie Sanders you a**holes

Donate 27 $ and we can still win the Presidency !!!

Madoff joke, A jew called Bernie ran the biggest ponzi schema ever , he took millions from gullible low informati

Did you know NBC once considered a diet & fitness show based on people such as Air Force Amy, Mary Magdalene, Heidi Fleiss, Charles Ponzi, Berni Madoff, and Donald Trump?

The pilot was cancelled because they didn't want to weigh the pros and the cons.

TIL about the world's largest Ponzi scheme

He Madoff with a lot of money

I don't trust the people on Wall Street.

Last time I invested, someone Madoff with all my savings.

Bernie Madoff with all your money.

Madoff joke, Bernie Madoff with all your money.

What do you get when you cross Bernie Madoff with Colonel Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

What is the most lucrative prize for the female scammer of the year?

The Madoff honor.

What happened to everyone's money in 2008?

Someone Madoff with it.

What is the similarities between Bernie Madoff and Atoms?

​They both make up everything!

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