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Funny Macleod Jokes and Puns

What's the difference between Mick Jagger, and a Scottish farmer?

Mick Jagger says 'Hey, you, get off of my cloud'

The Scottish farmer says 'Hey, MacLeod, get off of my ewe'

What's the difference between an angel and a Scotsman?

An angel will say, "Hey you, get off of my cloud!" and a Scotsman will say, "Hey Macleod, get off of my ewe!"

What's the difference between a Scotsman and The Rolling Stones?

The Scotsman says Hey Macleod, get off my ewe!!

I'll see myself out.

What's the difference between a rolling stone and a Scottish shepherd?

One says, "hey, you! Get off of my cloud!"

The other says, "hey Macleod! Get off of my ewe!"

Macduff was on his deathbed.

He called on his good friend, Macleod, to visit him before he died. "Macleod," he said, "take that bottle of whisky on the bedside table. It's a Macallan 1951, brewed the year I was born. You'll never find a finer Scotch. When I am buried, I want you to pour it on my grave."

Macleod nodded solemnly, and then asked,

"Can I filter it through my kidneys first?'

On the immigration debate, Donald Trump said of other countries: "They're not sending us their best people."

On a side note, Mary Anne MacLeod illegally migrated to the US in 1929. A few years later she gave birth to Donald Trump.

So he may have a point.

Where does an immortal store his files?

in the MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod once tried double fisting with his girlfriend, but unfortunately

There could be only one

Up in Heaven...

Scotsmen are all like "Hey yoo, get off m' cloud!"

On Earth, it's "Hey MacLeod, get off m' ewe!"

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